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Summary: Thank you for visiting the ExpertPages directory of real estate experts who can lend their services to your legal case. A real estate expert can help you in any law suit involving land transactions by providing professional appraisals, giving judges or juries their opinion, or sitting as a real estate expert witness. A real estate consultant will understand how land is valued and taxed, how real estate transactions are supposed to work, and whether or not your particular real estate deal is in violation of some law or falls outside of industry standards. The list of contacts below contains a variety of residential or commercial real estate experts specializing in all areas of the practice.

Look through the following directory of real estate professionals who can act as consultants or expert witnesses in your legal case. If you are unable to find the real estate consultant you are looking for, visit our expert witness page or request a free referral service and we will make our best effort to find someone who fits your needs.

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