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Outside Pressures On The Typical Insurance Adjuster

By Dan Baldyga Email:

Insurance adjusters are not without “Outside Pressures” they must deal with every day. If understood, that will absolutely put money into your bank.

The first of these is your State Department Of Insurance. Every state has a Department, Commissioner, or Bureau of Insurance that overseas the antics of Adjusters in that particular state - - usually identified as a Consumer Complaint Division. If the adjuster you’ve been dealing with has refused to make any offer at all, has engaged in what you consider to be unethical conduct, or made what you believe is a ridiculously low offer, you have justification for a complaint.

The mere mention of a complaint to the State Department of Insurance may bring the adjuster around to making a better offer. Adjusters would rather not have to deal with a complaint. PLUS: They don’t want copies of them ending up in their personnel file!

Your complaint to the State Insurance Department will accomplish several things. First, the adjusters boss will become aware there’s a claimant (you) who intends to do whatever it takes to obtain some fair settlement dollars. That will often inspire him or her to take a closer look at your case and come up with a better offer. Also, it could evolve into what’s a costly effort because a complaint with the State Insurance Department will add an additional layer of work, supervised by an extra contingent of personnel. When it’s realized this will come to pass they’ll try harder to settle your claim.

All insurance adjusters dream of one day being promoted to a higher position within the company they work for. They’re aware of the fact if their personnel file has correspondence flowing into it from claimants they’ve handled (plus copies of the letters which have been sent to the insurance commissioner) those will surely be read by one of the company executives. More often than not this will be an individual who doesn’t want a “Problem Employee” like that adjuster spluttering, splashing and crashing about their office area causing headaches and extra work, within the framework of that particular executive’s command. Adjuster’s are fully aware such complaints will keep them, on the road forever, and prevent them from moving up the corporate ladder.


When it comes to the reality of the way things work in the actual, daily, experience of personal injury claim negotiations and settlement, it’s vastly different from the stipulations found in the “Formal law”. That is, legal theory, as it’s written and supposed to work. What that means is: Most adjuster’s can settle a case whether their decision to do so is based on “The Law” or not.

In the real world of Personal Injury settlements a “Compromise” (which often has nothing to do with the law) is the order of the day. It’s commonly accepted among those is the business (because that’s what makes their work life so much easier) that in any given case there’s a likelihood of negligence on both sides. What this boils down to in practical terms, is this: Irregardless of the law practically no claim is without merit or totally lacking in a value of some sort, especially if that “Value” is simply to “Get rid of it”. I know this to be true because, “I’ve been there and done that”.

Although it’s never expressed to them “Officially” adjusters quickly learn, should your case go to trail, compromise will be the order of the day, even in cases of questionable liability! This fact alone gives them plenty of room to make a Compromise Settlement before your case ends up in their Defense Attorney’s hands where such a compromise will usually take place anyways .Why will this come to pass? Because the costs of preparing for (and proceeding into) a courtroom battle will skyrocket!

Being aware of all of this is always bubbling and boiling in that gray matter between every adjuster’s ears. If there’s any question whatsoever don’t ever give up. Keep pounding away! When faced with a determined claimant (you) who’s willing to wait, haggle (and wont go away) the chances are the adjuster will eventually make an offer.

This comes to pass because every adjuster knows (especially if your claim has some value) doesn’t want it to end up as a complaint at the State Department Of Insurance. PLUS: They know you’ll be made, a settlement offer (somewhere down the line) anyway. So, better they settle it now, before the cost of defending it gets blown out of proportion, later!

In order to continue to look good (especially to those who watch their progress and the way they handle the outside pressure’s that haunt every claims adjuster) each and every one of them wants to stay out of trouble (as they climb that slippery ladder to "Success"). And, to do so, they must be a very "Cagey", wheeling and dealing, individual. For you to understand, and be aware of this, when used correctly, can be to your financial advantage.