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Experts and Social Media: Do's and Don'ts (Part 3 of 5)

Should Experts Join Twitter?

Twitter skyrocketed in 2009, but turning a profit has been elusive, because (unlike LinkedIn) the service is 100% free. If you don't know what Twitter's for, well, you have company.

Pro:Twitter is fun, friendly, and quick. It can easily be used by anyone from any cell phone throughout the day. ExpertPages makes some marketing use of Twitter – follow us if you're on Twitter:

Con: The #1 problem with Twitter is that by default, the messages that you send to anyone are open for millions of people to read. The #2 problem is that, because of this, it is considered to be fair game. Which leads to #3 problem: opposing counsel may mine that information to your detriment. #4 problem: there is no “delete message” for Tweets. Once sent, they stay online forever.

Summary: Don't tweet anything you wouldn’t want seen around the world.

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