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Experts and Social Media: Do's and Don'ts (Part 4 of 5)

Should Experts Join Facebook?

Having started as a college network, Facebook surged in 2009 with a special appeal to a younger crowd (at least compared to LinkedIn). The combination of third-party services and social interaction pulls in the crowds.

Pros:: it's a great place to meet the younger components of your family, though amongst the younger Facebook users the debate's still open on whether friend requests from your family are "cool", or do they constitute "stalking".

Cons: Facebook was designed for college kids, by college kids. Designed to stimulate and show off your social life, its privacy features are an afterthought at best. Facebook encourages public conversations, and similar to Twitter, one tends to forget the whole world is reading about you, 24/7. If you decide to use Facebook, adopt the rule that what happens in Facebook NEVER stays in Facebook.

Summary: Facebook is like conversing in a cozy, little room with a friend or two, and lots of strangers: it's pleasant, but you don't know 80% of the folks who overhear you but occasionally jump in with their “two cents” on your comments.

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