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Eliminate Expensive and Ineffective Marketing

By Rosalie Hamilton

By Rosalie Hamilton

Rosalie Hamilton Rosalie Hamilton is a leading authority on expert witness marketing and founder of Expert Communications. A consultant, speaker, and author, she is a marketing expert for those who engage in expert witness work.

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Are you keeping track of where your business comes from? Every individual who answers your phone, responds to an email or fax inquiry, or greets visitors to your office needs to make it a routine habit to ask something similar to, "And how did you hear about our services?

The answers to this question then need to be recorded (along with the person's name, contact information and the nature of the inquiry) preferably in a database such as Act or Microsoft Access. Any record-keeping system, however, is better than none, so use whatever you are comfortable with and will use consistently.

Without this information, how will you determine which, if any, of your marketing efforts are effective? If you have spent thousands of dollars advertising in a certain directory for the last three years and can look back at your records and see that no calls resulted from it -- you can then redirect that money to a tactic that has been more effective.

For example, if you see that you received several calls from three targeted mailings you sent last year and engaged four new clients as a result, you can schedule additional mailings with a fair degree of certainty that you are effectively apportioning your marketing dollars.

Keeping track of this information can also provide data on not just how best to allocate your budget but your time as well. Did networking hours and association meetings you attended provide you with any good contacts? (Note: Unless you followed up, you can't know for sure.)

When you do not collect and maintain records of where your business comes from, how do you know what to do to get more business? You risk wasting time and money and can frustrate your own efforts to establish an effective marketing plan and a consistently successful and growing practice.

Excerpted with permission from The Expert Witness Marketing Book by Rosalie Hamilton.

Rosalie Hamilton is President of Expert Communications, a firm that provides marketing solutions for client base expansion to professionals serving the legal industry. A frequent speaker at litigation-related professional conferences, her articles on the subject of legal marketing appear in numerous online and print publications. She is the author of The Expert Witness Marketing Book, and is a regular columnist for Expert News, a free monthly newsletter for expert consultants, published by Expert Communications,