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By Rosalie Hamilton

By Rosalie Hamilton

Rosalie Hamilton Rosalie Hamilton is a leading authority on expert witness marketing and founder of Expert Communications. A consultant, speaker, and author, she is a marketing expert for those who engage in expert witness work.

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The end of the summer - when it's too hot to do anything and everyone and their dog is on vacation - is an ideal time to review and update your curriculum vitae. There are two objectives of your curriculum vitae:

1) Marketing your services to be retained as a consulting or testifying expert, and

2) Bulletproofing in preparation for qualifying and being cross-examined.

With these in mind, examine the following issues in your CV:

1 Are there any time gaps in your employment history?
Include all periods, even if they were spent outside of your field.

2Have you included information about your legal consulting?
I do not recommend it, other than to list that you perform legal consulting along with your other professional work. Do not identify cases or state the number of engagements.

3 Have you listed all memberships, licenses and certifications?
Are they current? If any are inactive, indicate this, and certainly list only those that are authentic.

4Is all information accurate and complete?
Are all authors included in citations of publications and presentations? Are the titles and publication dates correct? Are the years for experience and education correct?

5Have you exaggerated or included self-serving comments?
State the information without editorializing.

6Do you have a photograph on your CV?
It is preferable to have a separate photo available to be sent on request, but it is acceptable to print a photo on your CV.

7Are the layout and format of your CV professional and consistent?
Consistency of form - punctuation, italics, underlining, spacing - is more important than strictly following a certain scholarly style.


  • Do not include personal information such as spouse, children, hobbies, or Social Security number.
  • If using a shorter version of your curriculum vitae for marketing purposes, do not title it a c.v. Use another term such as 'profile' or 'biographical sketch.
  • Verify that your contact information is current and complete.
  • Do not use two different CVs for plaintiff and defense.
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread again.
  • Excerpted from The Expert Witness Marketing Book by Rosalie Hamilton, "the Expert on Expert Witness Marketing",