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About ExpertPages

What is ExpertPages? was the first Internet directory of experts, expert witnesses and consultants. Since 1995 it has been repeatedly recognized as the Internet's leading resource on expert witnesses.

Each month Expert Pages assists tens of thousands of attorneys, law firms, judges and court personnel, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and others in the legal, business, insurance and forensic communities to retain experts, expert witnesses, consultants and investigators.

ExpertPages also provides extensive information to assist attorneys and legal personnel to effectively locate and utilize experts in investigations, discovery, depositions, trial preparation, expert reports, trial testimony and appeals.

ExpertPages also helps train and educate professionals considering serving as expert witnesses or consultants in legal and forensic matters as to what is expected of them in preparing expert reports, in testifying, and in providing their services to the legal community, enabling them to become highly effective. ExpertPages does NOT receive any portion of any fees you pay to any expert listed on this Website.

What Do Leading Legal Media Say About Expert Pages?

Lexis-Nexis (a unit of a firm that operates the nation's oldest directory of lawyers and has its own experts directory) recognizes “ExpertPages …. is by far one of the best sites in its field.”

Lawyers Weekly USA -- which also publishes its own experts list in print and on line had this to say about ExpertPages:

"Expert Pages is the best free directory we found. It has the largest number of experts in the widest variety of areas and geographic locations."

"And it is very easy to use. You can search by keyword, subject or state. Many areas of expertise are very well represented, and a number of obscure topics have a few entries. It even provides the names of other types of consultants that assist law firms."

Who Publishes ExpertPages?

ExpertPages is owned and operated by Advice Company (the “Company”) which also publishes many other leading websites for professionals.

Advice Company, founded in 1991, is a privately held firm headquartered in Sausalito, California immediately across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. It also maintains an office in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

In addition to ExpertPages, Advice Company publishes such other leading Internet sites as FreeAdvice® and AttorneyPages and a print newsletter, the Advice & Counsel Newsletter™, which is distributed by more than 10 leading insurance companies including Fortis, ING, Modern Woodmen, and Standard Insurance to well over 50,000 of their important customers each month. You can be confident that ExpertPages quality control and financial strength meet these leading firms' exacting standards.

Why Do Lawyers and Others Use ExpertPages to Locate Experts?

Consider what Lawyers Weekly stated about ExpertPages:

ExpertPages has "the largest number of experts."

ExpertPages has experts in "the widest variety of areas", "even in obscure areas."

ExpertPages has experts in the "widest variety of ... geographic locations."

ExpertPages is "very easy to use."

Among the other things that lawyers, insurers and various agencies like most about ExpertPages is that it helps them locate experts from all over the United States and Canada, and even experts based in abroad. In many cases an "out of town" expert is extraordinarily persuasive.

ExpertPages gives lawyers and insurers a far larger selection than any local print directories, and is far more up to date.

ExpertPages also lists many highly qualified experts who prefer to testify only occasionally, and are not part of any "old boys network". Such experts present a "fresh face" to the jury, or bring a fresh perspective to the lawyers. Thus ExpertPages contains the names not only of many experts who testify regularly, but some who do so only occasionally. Both types of experts find it very cost effective to list on ExpertPages, as just one assignment can pay for their listing for decades.

How Is ExpertPages So Good at Understanding the Needs of Experts, Lawyers, Insurers and Government Agencies?

ExpertPages is dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of expert witnesses and the professionals who retain them! That has been ExpertPages sole focus.

ExpertPages' founder and CEO is Gerry Goldsholle who is himself a nationally recognized expert. He has had a distinguished career in law and business. After graduation from Columbia Law School and military service he was a trial lawyer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and worked in a top-rated law firm and in corporate practice. He also served as Chair of many committees of the American Bar Association, the State Bar of California and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. As a business executive he created two multi-billion dollar businesses at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, retiring as President & Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Brokerage at age 50. He then went on to create Advice Company, ExpertPages' parent. He also has consulted for banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, testified as an expert in litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, and served as an expert before both houses of the Congress of the United States and numerous state legislatures. He knows what lawyers need and experts want.

The executives and staff of ExpertPages are helpful, experienced, long service, talented and motivated professionals with impressive credentials, a comprehensive understanding of the needs of experts and the legal profession, and extensive Internet experience. For example, our CTO completed 2 years of medical school and served as CTO of a leading medical education site before joining the Company in 2000. Our Executive Editor had 28 years experience with another leading legal publication prior to joining ExpertPages in 1997. Our Business Development executive joined the Company in 1996 after work at a law firm. Our customer service staff each is a graduate of a leading college, and several hold Masters Degrees.

Why Do Lawyers Come to ExpertPages to Retain the Listed Experts?

ExpertPages attracts over 1,000,000 unique visitors each year - primarily lawyers, legal professionals, and representatives of government, law enforcement, and the insurance communities, who are specifically looking to retain expert witnesses. Many come because they know ExpertPages is the best,. They also come because we actively and continually promote ExpertPages and the experts listed on site. You've already read some of the press we received. Among other techniques we use to attract qualified visitors are:

Years of good experience with us. Lawyers and legal professionals know from many years of experience that when they come to ExpertPages they'll find qualified experts and that we screen and credential most of the experts listed. They trust ExpertPages.

High Search Engine Positioning. We work very hard to keep ExpertPages at or near the top of most search engine listings in most topics on our site.

Bookmarking. As we were first, and rated as the "best", many of the nation's leading Law Firms, Insurance Company claims and legal departments, and government agencies have already bookmarked our site. When they need an expert they know ExpertPages is the first place to turn.

Linkages from many of the leading websites used by lawyers and government agencies. We enjoy many links from other sites those who hire lawyers use, including the Federal Government's site and many Bar Association sites, because ExpertPages is a great site, and its management is highly credible to lawyers, insurers and government agencies.

Media stories and public relations. ExpertPages repeatedly has been the featured website on national media when stories are done on expert witnesses; we've been on National Public Radio, TalkAmerica, Fox TV News and numerous other programs, plus the Legal Press, including repeated stories (with website screen shots) in the National Law Journal, Lawyers Weekly USA, Legal Times, New Jersey Law Journal (as site of the week), papers, magazines and electronic media.

Paid ads in the American Bar Association's ABA Journal and Trial (the magazine of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America).

Booths and promotions at Bar Association meetings including many ABA and ATLA Annual Meetings.

Cross references from our own AttorneyPages and FreeAdvice sites

Speeches before Bar Association and other legal groups. We're constantly marketing ExpertPages and the experts on the site.

We work VERY HARD, and INCUR GREAT EXPENSE, on an ONGOING BASIS to market both ExpertPages to those who hire experts and to promote the experts on ExpertPages!

Is Use of ExpertPages Free to Lawyers? Lawyers Do Not Pay ExpertPages Anything When they Hire an Expert?

Correct! ExpertPages may be used by lawyers and others looking to retain an expert for Free. They never pay us anything when they retain an expert through use of the Site!

Experts Never Share Their Fees With ExpertPages?

That's right. We never share any part of the fees the expert earns. If you're an expert, everything you earn is yours. You set your own fee. You keep everything you make. There is absolutely no middlemen and absolutely no "mark-up". The experts who list pay only an annual listing fee, nothing more. And our listing fees are very reasonable.

Does ExpertPages Really Work?

Absolutely! No business or organization can possibly work unless it meets multiple needs. Thousands of experts already know that ExpertPages works because ExpertPages:

Helps law firms, insurance companies, the media, corporate legal departments and government agencies (both law enforcement and regulatory) and others in the public sector -- those who retain expert witnesses and consultants -- to quickly and inexpensively locate highly qualified experts who can assist them in evaluating, understanding and explaining business, forensic, medical, scientific, technical and similar matters that are at the heart most litigated cases.

Markets the experts and consultants listed on ExpertPages to those who retain experts and consultants, and

Serves as a resource for information about the use of experts and consultants.

The proof is that ExpertPages has generated lucrative and interesting assignments for many of the experts and consultants listed, as you can see for yourself from their comments right on site.