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Experts in vocational assessment, pre/post injury vocational learning capacity, transferability of skills, rehabilitation, career counseling, labor market. Can serve as witness for spousal support and personal injury. Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Arizona legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Arizona.
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David BarrettStokes & Associates, Inc.
David Barrett
Metairie, LA
For over 75 years our firm has provided our clients with forensic expert experience. We provide Vocational Rehabilitation and Life Care Plan Assessments Nationwide. We can quickly map out a plan to provide the right level of service for the task. Our detailed Request for Services interview is conducted before we begin work to ensure roles and expectations are clearly determined from the onset of our involvement.

David Soja
Longmeadow, MA
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CRC SERVICES, LLC employs Licensed & Board-Certified Vocational-Experts qualified in Federal-State, Family Law-Divorce, Workers-Comp, Social-Security, Employment Law & Personal Injury / Med-Malpractice proceedings;, addressing the following areas in the vocational domain: Employability, Earning Capacity, Vocational Disability, Job Analysis, Career Counseling, Job Placement, Labor Market Access and Job Search Diligence. Est. 1981. Office locations in Windsor, CT, Longmeadow, MA, New Rochelle, NY and San Francisco, CA. 24/7/365 - Nationwide availability - Prompt record reviews.

Trey Moseley, MA, CRCMoseley Vocational Consulting, LLC
Trey Moseley, MA, CRC
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Trey Moseley, MA is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) with extensive experience providing forensic vocational consulting, vocational assessments, loss of earning capacity calculations, transferable skills analysis, labort market surveys, individual job analysis, psychometric testing, and litigation support in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Long Term Disability, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Discrimination, and Marital Dissolution cases

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Jeffrey Joy, PhD, MBA, CRC, CEA, ABVE-DVocational Dynamics, LLC
Jeffrey Joy, PhD, MBA, CRC, CEA, ABVE-D
Cheshire, CT
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I provide vocational expert & earning capacity assessments on disability and employment related matters. ►Testified as a Vocational Expert more than 20 times in State Superior and Federal District settings ►Doctorate of Philosophy, Board Certified Vocational Expert, Certified Earnings Analyst and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor ►Employability and Earning Capacity reports in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Family Law, ERISA and Employment Discrimination matters. ►Services include vocational testing, evaluation, labor market analysis, and earning capacity estimates ►Published author:

Ronald T. Luke, JD, PhD, PresidentResearch & Planning Consultants
Ronald T. Luke, JD, PhD, President
Austin, TX
For attorneys in Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation and Healthcare Litigation, RPC provides economic damages and regulatory analysis, from loss of earnings to fraud and contract disputes. In-depth experience in healthcare liability and damage issues. 40 years experience.

Scott Simon, M.S.The Simon Group
Scott Simon, M.S.
Los Gatos, CA
Seasoned Vocational Rehabilitation Expert witness since the early 1980's specializing in Diminished Future Earning Capacity assessments in workers compensation, personal injury, marital dissolution and wrongful termination matters. Have been qualified as an Expert and testified on hundreds of cases in Superior Court and Workers' Compensation Appeals Boards throughout California . Have also been qualified as a Vocational Expert on thousands of Social Security Disability hearings.

Dan ThompsonRehabilitation Technologies Ltd.
Dan Thompson
Huntsville, ON
Over the last 12 years, Dan has worked on hundreds of cases that required Life Care Plans, Vocational Reports, Case Management Services, Rehabilitation Plans and Housing. This work has taken him across North America. He has helped individuals who have sustained a variety of injuries including burns, amputations, brain injuries, orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord injuries and congenital disabilities.

Vocational InsightsRichard Lyness
Vocational Insights
Los Gatos, CA
RICHARD N. LYNESS WHAT ARE YOU TRUELY CALLED TO DO, NOW AND NEXT? Richard Lyness is an HR Consultant, Vocational Expert and an Expert Witness in Family Court proceedings, affiliated with Harper & Associates, the the leading firm in the Silicon Valley/Northern California. He also maintains his own firm, Vocational Insights. He is particularly skilled in the analysis of complex cases involving C-level executives, and in the development and delivery of effective rebuttal analysis and testimony on vocational and earning capacity issues. Additionally, Richard provides facilitation and consulting services related to HR Compensation, Executive Search/Placement, Team Building, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Career Counseling and Job Search Support. Previously, Richard had 20+ years of experience as a manager, executive, consultant and entrepreneur in high technology industries, including Broadcasting, Cable Television, Market Research, Internet/New Media, Computer Hardware/Software and Networking/Telecommunications. Expert Witness in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa and other jurisdictions. Affiliate Member, Santa Clara County Bar Association Certified Career Clarity Coach through Transition Dynamics. Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner; qualified to administer and interpret MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory and other vocational assessments. Certified Odyssey Teams Low Ropes facilitator.

HRM Consulting, Inc.Beth Brascugli
HRM Consulting, Inc.
San Jose, CA
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Expertise: HR Standard of Care, ADA Accommodation, FEHA, FMLA, CFRA, ADA & EEOC Violations, Wrongful Termination, Performance Management, Discrimination, Harassment, Exempt Analysis, Labor Market, Vocational Evaluations - Consulting since 1992.