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Experts in design and development of computer software, database and multimedia systems. Also computer data loss due to computer failures, intellectual property, infringement and trade secrets. Software experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Hawaii legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Hawaii.
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Solutions-Organizations-Systems Inc.Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.
Solutions-Organizations-Systems Inc.
Dallas, TX
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Research scientist, educator and consultant, have served as an expert witness in federal, state and local courts on failed software development and/or implementation projects, as well as high-tech intellectual property disputes concerning patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Jason FrankovitzQuandary Peak Research
Jason Frankovitz
Los Angeles, CA
Jason Frankovitz has testified in court as an expert witness in computer software and Internet technologies. Providing software analysis and investigation in software-related litigation, including patent infringement cases, breach-of-contract disputes, and other matters across a range of platforms and industries. Frankovitz is known for deep expertise in a wide array of mobile and desktop Web technologies such as Ruby, iOS, Android, AJAX, Python, CSS, HTML, Java, Perl, PHP, and others. He has a keen eye for technical differences and overlap among disparate systems and expertise in development techniques, version control, release management, system architecture, and cloud infrastructure. And has created dozens of patent claim charts for licensing negotiations with the largest technology companies in the world.

John StrawnS Systems Inc.
John Strawn
Larkspur, CA
Decades of experience in industry writing in low-level (assembler) and high-level languages (C, C++, Java). Experience also with Javascript, HTML, XML, SQL, other languages. Course work at Stanford during Ph.D. in programming.

Joseph CarusoGlobal Digital Forensics
Joseph Caruso
Oceanside, NY
Global Digital Forensics specializes in the Forensic Analysis of all types of digital assets and media (Computer Forensics) for corporate clients, law firms and government agencies.

Steven Kursh, Ph.D., CSDP, CLPSoftware Analysis Group
Steven Kursh, Ph.D., CSDP, CLP
Boston, MA
Steven R. Kursh, Ph.D., CSDP, CLP is a seasoned management consultant and expert witness. He has extensive technical and management experience in the computer software industry. He has and retail. He has been admitted by the Courts in numerous IP and contract dispute matters. His clients include Adobe Bank of America Samsung HP and Honeywell.

Harry DireenDireentech Inc.
Harry Direen
Colorado Springs, CO
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DireenTech has deep experience in embedded systems, digital signal processing, software design and development, database systems, and antenna design and analysis. DireentTech has substantial experience in expert witnessing and product reverse engineering for patent infringement in electronic hardware and software systems.

Jonathan WilsonFoundations It Inc.
Jonathan Wilson
Tampa, FL
Technology expert with extensive experience in software development infrastructure cyberdata security program management and MA in startups and multi-national corporations. BS in Computer Science with over 20 years of technology expertise. Juris Doctorate with active license in FL 3 years.

Istvan JonyerSidespin Group
Istvan Jonyer
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Istvan Jonyer MBA is a scientist, academic, engineer, educator, investor, and serial entrepreneur with over a decade of research, development, and management experience. He served as Assistant Professor of Computer Science at OSU, was a software engineer at Nortel Networks, and headed up partnerships for Google TV at Google. Holds a PhD in machine learning.

Global TechnicaCraig Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Global Technica
Seattle, WA
Dr. Rosenberg is a high-profile software expert that has worked for Google, Samsung, Amazon, Sony, Boeing, IBM, Disney, Nintendo, Dell, AT&T, Motorola, Ericsson, HTC, LG, Mattel, Lyft, Sephora, US Army, US Air Force, FAA and many others. Dr. Craig Rosenberg is an accomplished and experienced expert in the areas of user interface, human factors, software engineering and architecture with extensive experience in virtual reality, augmented reality, and GPS for mobile, web, desktop, embedded, and server environments. Dr. Rosenberg has been retained over 75 times for both plaintiff and defense and has written over 60 expert reports and declarations. He has been involved with three ITC cases and nine IPRs and has testified at trial in both State and Federal court. Dr. Rosenberg has had 19 depositions and has published over 20 research papers in professional journals and proceedings. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in software engineering, user centered design, virtual reality, augmented reality, information architecture, user experience, systems engineering, object-oriented analysis, complex systems, and modeling and simulation. He has extensive experience in the entire software design and development life cycle in a wide range of domains including defense and space, consumer electronics, networking and communications, healthcare, and entertainment.

Chuck DeVitaGrowth Process Group
Chuck DeVita
Silicon Valley, CA
Chuck DeVita founded and leads Growth Process Group. He has over thirty years of experience in Sales and Marketing management of enterprise technology solution companies. His experience spans a range of business solutions and extensive international sales leadership. He is an expert on the topics of Sales & Marketing for Enterprise Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS). He has developed regional and worldwide sales forces and has extensive international background. He led the growth of two startups and the turnaround of a public company. As a consultant, he has helped numerous Enterprise Software and SaaS solution companies in the U.S. and Europe including serving as interim VP Sales & Marketing for several companies. Chuck is a recognized speaker and visionary on sales and marketing management for technology companies. He teaches several courses to executives and professionals at Stanford including “Cloud Computing & Subscription Models-Selling & Marketing SaaS to the Enterprise”, “Developing Clear Value Propositions & Pricing Models” and “Sales Management Excellence”. For more info, go to and

James Wener
James Wener
Arlington Heights, IL
Mr. Wener has extensive experience in providing expert witness services regarding project management related cases, IT operations and systems implementation issues in all industries. He has specific experience project management and in the health care, manufacturing and distribution industries. He is certified in HIPAA assessments and training and has provided expert witness and litigation support services for HIPAA related cases. References are available.

Jay RothsteinTechpar Group LLC
Jay Rothstein
Spring Valley, NY
Jay Rothstein has more than thirty years of experience in information technology and procurement with an emphasis on Software Procurement in Financial Services. In his career, Jay has participated in the negotiation of approximately 200 technology procurement contracts, primarily as the lead negotiator and/or cross functional team lead. Approximately 100 of those contracts were for software. Jay is currently serving as an expert witness for litigation on Software Procurement. Mr. Rothstein has been a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) since 2006. He has participated as a consultant in internal audits on regulatory regimens and information technology at Fannie Mae, HSBC, Citigroup, and the Bank of China. Jay earned his Bachelor's Degree cum laude from Harvard in History and Literature and his Masters Degree from Columbia in Linguistics. He has published articles in Information Technology, and Procurement and Audit.

Eric Gould BearChief Experience Officer, Inc.
Eric Gould Bear
Austin, TX
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100+ patents and patent applications in software and hardware human interaction. 25+ years designing user interfaces and establishing user experience strategies for major corporations. Former university professor and Fortune 500 executive. Hands-on experience with litigation workflow throughout user interface patent infringement law suits.