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Experts in all aspects of testing, prevention, and treatment of complications resulting from toxic mold build-up and poor indoor air quality for both commercial and residential buildings. Some topics that may be relevant to a mold expert work include condensation, moisture, humidity and psychrometric charts, ventilation, drainage and flooding. Mold and Indoor Air Quality experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Illinois legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Illinois.
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Russell KeelerChason Energy
Russell Keeler
Golden, CO
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Mr. Keeler has over 40 years experience in both HVACPlumbing design of new buildings and troubleshootingdiagnostics of malfunctioning systems. Coupled with his excellent presentation skills his descriptions of the issues in clear layman terms leads to reports which identify problems and solutions yielding quick resolution of the dispute.

Brad Avrit, PEWEXCO International Corp.
Brad Avrit, PE
Marina Del Rey, CA
Many projects suffer from a lack of Quality Control or other errors/inconsistencies as result of flawed plans & specifications management and/or workmanship; dissimilar materials etc. WEXCO has investigated over 10,000 cases, delivered over 2,000 depositions & testified in over 600 trials.

Kenneth Kim, MDAllergy Asthma Respiratory Care Medical Center
Kenneth Kim, MD
Costa mesa, CA
Dr Kim has been retained in over 300 medical legal cases in the area of allergy and asthma care from medical malpractice cases to product liability cases. He has particularly strong expertise in the areas of mold exposure and latex allergy.

Richard M. Lynch, PhD, CIHEnvironmental Safety Management Corporation
Richard M. Lynch, PhD, CIH
Riverside, NJ
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Certified Industrial Hygienist, expert in Indoor Air Quality, Mold and Sewer Contamination, Chemical Exposure, OSHA, Ergonomics, CTS, Back Injury, Product Warnings and Labeling, Noise. Published author.

Curtis R. Brown, President and CEORimkus Consulting Group, Inc.
Curtis R. Brown, President and CEO
Houston, TX
A world-class Consulting and Engineering firm with 39 offices and over 300 professionals experienced in all phases of forensic engineering and consulting, including Construction Problems & Disputes, Fires & Explosions, Industrial Problems, Vehicle Accidents, Financial Forensic issues, and Environmental damages.

Chuck Dutill, PE, DFEHeritage Technical Services, Inc.
Chuck Dutill, PE, DFE
West Chester, PA
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35+ Years of Experience (Nationwide):, Hydrology, Stormwater, Flooding, Drainage, Runoff, Sewer Systems, Sanitary Treatment, Backups, Overflows, Septic Systems, Surface Water, Groundwater, Hydrogeology, Erosion, Grading, Hydraulics, Floodplains, Piping Systems, Wells, Mold, Soils, Air Quality, Regulations, Combined Sewers, Detention, Maintenance, Inspections, Sinkholes, Hazardous Waste, Aquifers, Drinking Water, Health and Safety, Standard of Care, Toxicity, Contamination, Spills, Pollution, Remediation, Modeling, Pumping, Storage, Sedimentation, Hydroplaning, Odors, Wetlands