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Experts in design, development and implementation of computer and business information systems. Also project management issues, functional process and deployment issues, failed projects, practical contract disputes, vendor negotiations and mitigations. Information Technology experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Texas legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Texas.
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Ray YepesCyberdefenses Inc.
Ray Yepes
Round Rock, TX
Ray Yepes has over 21 years of experience as a security professional and criminal investigations examiner. As a security professional, Yepes has consulted, designed, maintained, and/or implemented security perimeters, network security architectures, and security policies for small, midsize, and large companies including Fortune 500, 200, 100, and 50 companies. As a criminal investigations examiner, Yepes has assisted and advised local and federal government agencies in national security matters and high profile criminal investigations. His first digital forensic investigation dates back to 1995 while assisting the FBI in a child pornography case. Since this time, Yepes has conducted 1,000+ digital forensic investigations, including network forensics, mobile forensics, vehicle forensics, computer forensics, and firewall appliance forensics in support of investigations ranging from complex white-collar schemes, to murder, and economic espionage. Yepes has served as board member, Treasurer, and Vice President for the Forensic Expert Witness Association (Houston Chapter).

Solutions-Organizations-Systems Inc.Leon A. Kappelman, Ph.D.
Solutions-Organizations-Systems Inc.
Dallas, TX
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Research scientist, educator and consultant, have served as an expert witness in federal, state and local courts on failed software development and/or implementation projects, as well as high-tech intellectual property disputes concerning patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Peter IannoneAvanti Advisory Outsourcing
Peter Iannone
New York, NY
I have over 25 years of relevant industry and outsourcing experience. I have advised negotiated outsourcing agreements for clients totally over $20 billion in TCV or total contract value. I have advised on many of the largest outsourcing transactions for major corporations. My experience includes all phases of outsourcing with ITO and BPO.

Joseph CarusoGlobal Digital Forensics
Joseph Caruso
Oceanside, NY
Global Digital Forensics specializes in the Forensic Analysis of all types of digital assets and media (Computer Forensics) for corporate clients, law firms and government agencies.

James Wener
James Wener
Arlington Heights, IL
Mr. Wener has extensive experience in providing expert witness services regarding project management related cases, IT operations and systems implementation issues in all industries. He has specific experience project management and in the health care, manufacturing and distribution industries. He is certified in HIPAA assessments and training and has provided expert witness and litigation support services for HIPAA related cases. References are available.

Ray HorakContext Corporation
Ray Horak
Mount Vernon, WA
World class consultant, educator and author with 35+ years’ experience in telecom. Offer full range of expert services including pre-litigation analyis, prior art research, Markman preparation, expert report preparation and testimony. Experienced in intellectual property (patent, TM, SM), contract disputes and many telecom-related matters.

M. George Mitwasi, PhD, MBA, PMP, CFPS FellowSoftware Management Solutions
M. George Mitwasi, PhD, MBA, PMP, CFPS Fellow
Lincroft, NJ
Over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Analyzed the functionality of over 120 software products and 500 projects in numerous industries. Provided expert opinion in several cases (developed reports and testified in court and depositions). Specializes in intellectual property and project deliverable disputes. A PhD, MBA, PMP, and CFPS.