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Experts in contaminant transport, assessment and remediation, operations, groundwater modeling, and water resources exploration. Hydrology (Water Issues) experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Utah legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Utah.
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Chuck Dutill, PE, DFEHeritage Technical Services, Inc.
Chuck Dutill, PE, DFE
West Chester, PA
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35+ Years of Experience (Nationwide): Hydrology, Stormwater Management, Flooding, Drainage, Runoff, Sewer Systems, Surface Water, Groundwater, Erosion, Hydraulics, Floodplains, Piping Systems, Mold, Regulations, Combined Sewers, InIiltration/Inflow, Detention, Maintenance, Inspections, Sinkholes, Aquifers, Drinking Water, Health and Safety, Standard of Care, Modeling, Pumping, Sedimentation, Siltation, Hydroplaning, Wetlands, Rainfall Analysis, Dams, Pressures, Watersheds, Water Resources, Monitoring

Expert Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, and Environmental Scientist  - NationwideJames J. Connors, Ph.D., P.G.
Expert Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, and Environmental Scientist - Nationwide
Fairhope, AL
Expert hydrologist, hydrogeologist, and environmental scientist. 32 years of award-winning academic and consulting experience. Dr. Connors has acted as a hydrology, hydrogeology, and environmental science expert witness in a number of cases involving groundwater contamination, stormwater, runoff, drainage, flooding, erosion, sediment transport, siltation, wetlands hydrology, and water supply. He has also taught hydrology, hydrogeology, geophysics, and geology at the university level, and consulted for a diverse client base that has included law firms, regulatory agencies, municipalities, engineering/consulting firms, financial institutions, and private and public companies in the paper, energy, chemical, insurance, manufacturing, retail, mining, and waste management industries. His practice areas include groundwater contamination, stormwater runoff and flooding, erosion and sediment transport/deposition, and water-supply exploration and development.

Jack Parker, Ph.D.Stone Mountain LLC
Jack Parker, Ph.D.
Rogersville, TN
Dr. Parker is an author of over 200 technical publications on soil and groundwater contamination, multiphase fluid and chemical transport, model calibration and uncertainty analysis, remediation system design, and stochastic cost optimization and has been designated an ISI Highly Cited Researcher. He has served as a Research Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Tennessee, a Professor of Soil Physics and Contaminant Hydrology at Virginia Tech, a Distinguished Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and a Visiting Professor at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute. In 1988, he founded Environmental Systems & Technologies, Inc., and was president until selling the company in 2001 to Groundwater Environmental Services, Inc. He has taught academic courses, workshops and invited seminars in 15 countries; developed computer models that have been employed in over 30 countries; and directed many research projects involving development, testing and field applications of multiphase flow and contaminant transport models, remedial assessment and design optimization, risk assessment, and analysis of model reliability. Throughout his career, he has served on numerous expert panels, advisory and review boards, and delegations for government agencies, professional groups, private industry and others. He has been an expert witness in over 20 cases involving groundwater contamination with hydrocarbons and organic solvents for both plaintiffs and defendants and has given testimony in 25 depositions and 5 trials or arbitration hearings.

L. David GivlerGivler Engineering Inc.
L. David Givler
San Antonio, TX
L. David Givler MSCE PE is the president of the firm. He is a technical expert in hydrology and hydraulics with experience since 1984. His experience in municipal engineering and site development began in 1987.

Rick Van Bruggen, PE, CFM, D. WREWater Resources Consulting Services
Rick Van Bruggen, PE, CFM, D. WRE
Palm Desert, CA
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Mr. Van Bruggen has over 35 years of Water Resources Engineering experience, and 25 years of Expert Witness experience, in matters pertaining to watershed hydrology, river and floodplain hydraulics, highway drainage system design, flood control and storm drain systems, dams and levees, reservoir operations, forensics of flood events and drownings.

Ray G. Helmer, PE / Civil Engineering ExpertHelmer Engineering, Inc.
Ray G. Helmer, PE / Civil Engineering Expert
Houston, TX
Over 45 years of Civil Engineering in Planning, Designing, and Constructing Drainage/Flood Control, Water Supply and Wastewater Systems, Highways, Traffic Engineering Systems, Airport Runways and Taxiways, Buildings, Bridges.

Alicia C. Wasula, PhD, CCMShade Tree Meteorology, LLC
Alicia C. Wasula, PhD, CCM
Cropseyville, NY
Over a decade of experience as a researcher and teacher in the field of meteorology: Conducting cutting edge research supporting operational forecasting and warning operations Teaching meteorology to all levels of students from beginning to advanced, Explaining complex meteorology clearly, to every audience

Dennis L. Richards, P.E., D.WRE, F.EWRI, F.ASCECivil Engineer Analysis Services
Dennis L. Richards, P.E., D.WRE, F.EWRI, F.ASCE
Chandler, AZ
The CEA Team of Professionals provides substantial expertise, with some members having over 45 years of experience in Hydraulic, Hydrologic and Sedimentation engineering. Areas of expertise include Surface Water Hydraulics, Flood Assessments/Floodplain Analysis; Site Storm Drainage, Retention/Detention, Storm Drain System Evaluations, Erosion/Scour and Sedimentation Investigations, Rainfall and Flood Event Analysis, and Flood Mitigation Evaluation.