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Experts in analyzing evidence, such as blood or semen, to use in legal proceedings to identify parentage and/or to link evidence to an individual. DNA Forensic experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in California legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in California.
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Dr. Monte MillerForensic DNA Experts
Dr. Monte Miller
Riverside, CA
Specializing in Sexual Assault, Murder, and Paternity. Expert services related to DNA, Crime Lab, Crime Scene Investigation, and Paternity (and other kinships) in all arenas where scientific information related to these topics requires expert interpretation. Let us make sense of it for you.

Theodore D. Kessis, PhDApplied DNA Resources
Theodore D. Kessis, PhD
Columbus, OH
Providing expert case file review and court-qualified testimony for Forensic and Paternity casework involving DNA testing (PCR/STR), and Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing. We also provide laboratory witnessing services for cases involving destructive testing.

Dean  StetlerDean A. Stetler Associates Inc.
Dean Stetler
Lawrence, KS
I have served as the defense expert in the areas of DNA profiling and genetics for more than 250 criminal cases over the past 20 years. I have testified in state and federal courts more than 100 times.

Initial Case Screening at No ChargeNational Medical Consultants, PC
Initial Case Screening at No Charge
Bayside, NY
National Medical Consultants, PC, is the premier medical review team from some of the finest institutions in the country. Initial screening based on the summary of your case is always performed by qualified doctors at NO CHARGE. Our services are only available to medical malpractice attorneys and LNC's.

Thomas P. Riley, BSRiley Welch LaPorte & Associates
Thomas P. Riley, BS
Lansing, MI
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Jeffrey Nye is a highly trained, well respected Forensic Biologist and DNA Examiner. Mr. Nye is an experienced DNA technical leader in a large government laboratory system. Mr. Nye has extensive experience in forensic biological examinations and DNA.

Alan L. Friedman, PhDHelix Consulting
Alan L. Friedman, PhD
Milwaukee, WI
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I bring twenty years of experience translating forensic science into clear, understandable English for attorneys, judges and juries. Testimony in over 60 cases in 9 states as well as Federal Courts. Expert DNA case review, testimony and laboratory witnessing in sexual assaults, homicides, robberies and other major felonies as well as paternity and other civil cases. Accept public defender and court appointments. . forensic Forensic DNA dna criminal