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Experts on the design and operation of commercial processes for producing fuels, chemicals, solvents, plastics, resins and food products. Experts on the design, construction, and operation of plants and machinery for making such products as acids, dyes, drugs, plastics, and synthetic rubber by adapting the chemical reactions discovered by the laboratory chemist to large-scale production. Experts on the safety and environmental impact of chemical processes. Chemical Engineering technologies include separation and purification processes and chemical reactors. Chemical Engineering experts serve as expert witnesses and forensic consultants in Kentucky legal matters, and provide expert reports and testimony for judges, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies in Federal and state court trials and arbitrations in Kentucky.
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James MaddenMadden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering
James Madden
Cleveland, OH
For over 30 years Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering and Sr. Forensic Engineer James D. Madden, P.E. have specialized in the investigation, engineering analysis, and reconstruction of accidents causing injury and property damage, and the engineering analysis of the safety of products, equipment and facilities. Madden Accident Analysis & Forensic Engineering and Sr. Forensic Engineer James D. Madden, P.E. investigate, perform engineering analyses and reconstruct: - traffic accidents - premises accidents - product accidents - machinery and workplace accidents - accidents involving chemicals and materials - fires and explosions involving equipment and industrial facilities, and - incidents involving carbon monoxide (CO) escape leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Founder/Principal, Phoenix QuattuorE Strategy & ConsultingRobert Jonardi
Founder/Principal, Phoenix QuattuorE Strategy & Consulting
Colorado Springs, CO
I have B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and 40+ years of experience in process engineering (both conceptual and detailed design), P&ID development, cost estimation, equipment specification, construction site support, energy and environmental R&D, technical and regulatory consulting, troubleshooting, warranty claims, data analysis, project management, auditing and management consulting experience. I am the Founder of Phoenix QuattuorE Strategy & Consulting, providing Environment, Energy, and Engineering expertise and services. I can aptly serve as a consulting or testifying expert for trial, arbitration, or government hearings - or as a litigation consultant. My background includes 14 years in financial auditing, litigation support and advisory services, within two of the Big Four firms. I am passionate about superior customer service. My Wharton MBA has served me well in creating, delivering and communicating high value results and helping my clients succeed. I have extensive and deep industry knowledge and a solid record of delivering value-added solutions to Fortune 500 energy (oil and gas plants), refineries, iron and steel plants, heavy manufacturing and utility (fossil and nuclear) companies in assessing technology/environmental risks and the engineering means of mitigating impacts. For example, in air pollution control systems' work, I have studied and designed and troubleshot various types of Air Quality Control Systems equipment - including venturi and wet scrubbers, adsorption units, ESPs, incinerators, bag houses, and cyclone separators. I have secured air permits, performed numerous emissions inventories and technology assessments (BACT, PSD, LAER, and MACT).