Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77046

About the Expert

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. is a worldwide provider of forensic consulting services to insurance companies, law firms, corporations and government agencies. Rimkus assists clients in the responsive and timely resolution of claims and disputes. The company's team of professional engineers, scientists, and technical specialists is recognized for its commitment to service excellence by local, national and international business communities.

Areas of Expertise

Construction Claims
Electrical Engineering
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Human Factors
Industrial Engineering
Insurance - Property Casualty
Maritime and Admiralty
Materials Science
Mechanical Engineering
Products Liability
Property Casualty
Video Enhancement
Video Tape Services

Expert's Profile

Headquartered in Houston with more than 60 U.S. offices plus London, and Toronto, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. offers the services of over 500 full-time, seasoned professionals with expertise in virtually all technical and business fields. In business for more than 35 years, clients include domestic and international insurance industry, attorneys, industrial and commercial health, safety and risk managers, and others.

Rimkus takes pride in its professional approach to all assignments. Each assignment is performed under the assumption that litigation will ensue, and appropriate records and evidentiary chains of custody are maintained. Client communications are clear and explanatory to insure that opinions and conclusions are complete and well-supported.

Complex technical claims and disputes frequently call for expertise in multiple areas, and many clients find Rimkus to be a source for a wide variety of areas of expertise. Rimkus offers experts in most technical fields, including all areas of engineering, construction, environmental sciences, fires and explosions, oil and gas, business interruption claims, surety, business analysis and valuation, safety and industrial hygiene, toxicology and health safety, and animation and demonstrative evidence.

Rimkus’ professional staff members are selected as experts in dozens of fields, including

Architectural Engineering
Business Analysis
Business Valuation
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Animation
Construction Engineering
Demonstrative Evidence
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Fire Investigation
Forensic Accounting
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Hygiene
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Oil and Gas
Petroleum Engineering
Safety Engineering
Structural Engineering

Rimkus serves clients from 39 offices worldwide (and still growing). Visit us at www.rimkus.com or call us at 800-580-3228, and help is on the way.

Houston, Texas (HQ)
Atlanta, Georgia
Austin, Texas
Baltimore/Washington D.C.
Birmingham, Alabama
Boston, Massachusetts
Charleston, SC
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Columbus, Ohio
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jackson, Mississippi
Jacksonville, Florida
Kansas City, Kansas
Lafayette, Louisiana
Las Vegas, Nevada
Little Rock, Arkansas
Los Angeles Area
Louisville, Kentucky
McAllen, Texas
Mobile, Alabama
Nashville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York, New York
Oklahoma City
Orlando, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Richmond, Virginia
San Antonio, Texas
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
St. Louis, Missouri
Tampa, Florida
London, England

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