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Ian Allport

345 East 56th St. #19C New York, NY 10022

About the Expert

Mr. Allport has over 25 years of experience in information technology and financial services. Using this experience Mr. Allport assists attorneys in cases involving: patents, copyrights and intellectual property.

Areas of Expertise

  • Banking
  • Computer Evidence Discovery
  • Intellectual Property
  • Securities
  • Software

Expert's Profile

Mr. Allport has a proven record of providing litigation support for cases involving patents, copyrights and other aspects in the arena of intellectual property. This is supported by over 30 years in information technology and over 25 years in financial services. These skills have also expanded into the cases involving health services applications.

1. Patents: Mr. Allport has been retained as an expert in patent cases since early 2000. Cases have primarily been in the arena of financial services where Mr. Allport has over 25 years of experience that has included extensive work in both technology and business. Areas of expertise include: trading, trader support, middle office, back office, risk management, accounting and regulatory issues. Mr. Allport has extensive experience in automated trading, including: algorithmic and high frequency technology. These skills have been utilized on cases, including: Reuters v Bloomberg LLC in a patent infringement litigation and a case of potential patent infringement involving automated execution platforms. Mr. Allport has used his skills to: create and examine claim charts, provide input to attorneys evaluating the validity of a patent and to perform detail code and processing analysis of an application that potential violated a patent.

2. Copyrights: Mr. Allport has been retained to act as an expert where there has been a potential violation of a copyright held by a client. To create a final report has required the use of analytical skills including: abstraction, filtration and comparison, standards of substantially similar, look and feel protection, virtually identical analysis and a detailed examination of the processes used in conjunction with the potential violating application. These tasks culminate in a report detailing: whether or not the copyright was violated, if it was violated detailing the manner in which it was done and including the use of copyright case history to highlight how this conclusion was drawn.

3. Intellectual Property: Mr. Allport has been retained by the defense in litigation against the attorney’s clients. The individuals were accused of the theft of intellectual property from a company they were previously involved with. The application was developed to dispense medication in high volume environments. This required extensive analysis of how the software enabled the machine to take a prescription, select the medication and dispense the correct dosage. To create a report Mr. Allport used several skills including: examining the depositions of the parties concerned to ascertain define whether or not they had the motivation, ability and opportunity to miss- appropriate the code. Mr. Allport also interviewed the employees of the company accused of the theft. The task also included; understanding the interface of software and hardware and looking at the security protocols that the owner of the application used to protect the source code. The result was a report that was used to gain summary judgment to get the case against the client dismissed.

4. Technologies: Mr. Allport has over 30 years of experience in information technology and gained a great deal of experience in areas including: application and architecture design, programming, Web and non-Web based applications, application form and flow, programming languages such as C++, C# and Silverlight, database design and implementation using tools such as MS Sql Server and Oracle and multi-tiered applications. Mr. Allport is still active in all aspects of application design and development.

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