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Easy Credit Relief Inc.

Doug Minor

2625 Townsgate Rd. #330 Westlake Village, CA 91361

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Credit Reporting, Scoring and Damages Expert. Regularly dealing with the dispute resolution process, issues experienced by Divorcing couples and Mortgage reporting, servicing and underwriting. Doug Minor is President of Easy Credit Relief, Inc. and Co- Author of Anatomy of Credit Scores. He has 30+ years in the Mortgage, Personal Finance and Consumer Credit space. He has vast knowledge of Credit Reports,Credit Scores and is recognized by CDIA of Washington D.C. as FCRA certified. as well as a FICO Pro Certified. No geographical restrictions

Areas of Expertise

  • Credit Damage Measurement
  • Mortgages

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Doug has performed over 50 training classes on credit scoring, credit reporting and what to do with your credit when buying your first home and many other trainings on the subject of credit and mortgages, to audiences of all levels of sophistication including CEO’s, Lenders, Professional Groups and Consumers.

Since Doug began running the credit educational company, Easy Credit Relief Inc., his understanding and knowledge with credit regulations such as CROA, FCRA and FACTA is utilized on a consistent basis. So not only does he have the academics, but the first hand knowledge of working with consumers, underwriters, creditors and bureaus. During this time he has answered thousands of questions from consumers regarding credit scores and the information contained in their files.

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