Media, Technology, and Copyright

Media, Technology, and Copyright

Michael A. Einhorn, Ph.D.

3 Nob Hill Roseland, NJ 07068

About the Expert

Dr. Michael A. Einhorn is an economic consultant and expert witness active in intellectual property, media, entertainment, antitrust, and valuation of commercial and personal losses. He has designed and applied innovative techniques in matters involving copyright, trademark, publicity right, and patent damages. He is the author of the book MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY, AND COPYRIGHT. He also taught as a professor of economics and law at Rutgers University. He can be reached at

Areas of Expertise

  • Copyrights
  • Economic Consulting
  • Intellectual Property
  • Media
  • Patents & Trademarks

Expert's Profile

Trademarks and Trade Secrets: Trademark (Hasbro, Dish Network, The Weather Channel, Madonna/Material Girl, Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Productions, PML Clubs, Avon Cosmetics, Miller International, The New York Observer, the Kardashians/BOLDFACE Licensing + Branding), and advertisers (J. Walter Thompson/ Banco Popular, Kia Motors, Coca Cola, General Automobile Insurance Company)

Music: Recording artists (Led Zeppelin, U2, Madonna, 50 Cent, Usher, Rascal Flatts, LMFAO, Aimee Mann, Nappy Roots, Justin Moore, Xzibit, Nelly Furtado, George Clinton, Notorious B.I.G., D.L. Byron), record labels (Sony Music Holdings, Universal Music Group, Disney Music, Atlantic Records), producers (P. Diddy, Timbaland), publishers (Major Bob Publishing, Universal Music Publishing, Bridgeport Music, Hamstein Music, Chrysalis Music, Kobalt Music), performing rights organizations (SESAC), radio stations (WPNT in Pittsburgh), and live venues (World Wrestling Entertainment, Usher, LMFAO).

Video: Movies (Paramount/Dreamworks), cable programs (NBCUniversal), product placement (Paxson Productions), treatments (Burnett Productions), soundtrack (Warner Bros. Entertainment), TV programs (Televicentro of Puerto Rico), satellite programming (Golden Channels Company of Israel), and cable operations (AT&T).

Apparel and Design: Apparel (Target Stores, Carol Anderson,, Forever 21, Crew Knitwear, Joyce Leslie, Anthropologie), architecture (Sprint PCS, Home Design LLC, Murray Engineering, Turnkey Associates), medical illustrations (Pearson Education Services), photography (Harris Publications), sculpture (Marco Domo), cartoons (A.V. Phibes, Melissa Flock), toys (Jakks Pacific), and commercial marketing (Kaufman Global).

Publicity Rights and Estate Valuations: Names and likenesses (Steve Harvey, Reese Witherspoon, Woody Allen, Rosa Parks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Diane Keaton, Zooey Deschanel, Yogi Berra), estate valuations (Tasha Tudor, Marlon Brando, Bernard Lewis).

Cyberspace: Music services (Apple iTunes, Napster,, proprietary software (Centrifugal Force, Frogsware), open source software (Jacobsen v. Katzer), electronic publishing (Pearson), video games (Activision), search engines (eUniverse), and domain names (eCommerce).

Patents and Technology: Semiconductors (General Electric v. Kodak, Great Lakes v. Sakar), cellular (Cellebrite v. Micro Systemation), software (Jacobsen v. Katzer, Centrifugal Force v. Softnet), medical technology (Lemper v. Legacy, Graston v. Graham), clutch components (Nouis Tech v. Polaris), and general patents (DeCordova v. MCG)

Antitrust and Commercial Losses: Antitrust, breach of contract, and commercial injury in actions involving AT&T, California Scents, Safmor, Inc., Golden Channels Company of Israel, and St. Joseph’s Regional Hospital (College Station, Texas).

Dr. Einhorn can be reached at 973-618-1212.

Personal Achievements


  • B.A. from Dartmouth College
  • Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University

Special Training

  • Affiliate, Ecomp Consultants


  • Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, Senior Research Fellow, Columbia University, New York, New York (
  • Giant Steps Media, Affiliate, New York, (
  • Contributor to MusicDish E-Journal (


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