Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc.

Samuel Pendergrass

160 Bevan Drive Mooresville, NC 28115

About the Expert

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. (MTi) has the experience and ability to provide technical support and expert consulting on metallurgical engineering issues and cause of failure in litigation and insurance claims. MTi will provide detailed, well documented reports of our investigation, and testimony will be given by highly qualified and registered Professional Engineers, specializing in the discipline of metallurgical engineering.

Areas of Expertise

  • Failure Analysis
  • Metallurgy

Expert's Profile

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. P.A. (MTi) is a metallurgical analysis & testing laboratory, located in Mooresville, NC, specializing in rapid response forensic engineering. We provide a full spectrum of metallurgical engineering services including: failure analysis, litigation support, corrosion & defect investigations, reverse engineering, SEM/EDS micro-analysis, mechanical & weldment testing, chemical analysis, metallography, consulting and non-destructive testing to a wide range of clients in various industries. MTi can provide testing and analysis results within 24 hours, if required.

Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. is a professional association of Registered Professional Engineers in Metallurgy and Materials Science and considered experts in forensic engineering. We also have related disciplines represented within our staff including: Mechanical Engineers, Geologists, Corrosion Specialists, Welding Inspectors, and Metallurgical Inspectors and Technicians. All MTi's engineers are active participants in the most prestigious engineering associations in the world, keeping us abreast of the newest technological developments. All of our engineers and consultants participate in continuing education programs beyond state licensing requirements, many having contributed to, or authored, articles in technical publications.

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