Sound Testimony

David Smith

Pennsylvania, U.S.

About the Expert

Audio Expert offering Forensic Audio Examination, Authentication, Analysis, and Recovery. We consult with counsel offering litigation support, expert advice, expert testimony, forensic services, and related services including cross-examination preparation. We will review other audio forensics investigators' findings and identify any inaccuracies. Transcript creation and, if necessary, correction of existing transcripts is available.

Areas of Expertise

  • Audio & Tape Analysis
  • Trial Consultant

Expert's Profile

Sound Testimony® Audio Expert services include digital & tape recording authentication, tampering and editing detection, voice and sound recovery, signal, sound & event succession investigation, and voice recognition and/or elimination.

David A. Smith, AES, IEEE, has more than three decades of professional experience with audio enhancement. Experienced in criminal and civil cases including murder, corporate fraud, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, labor, and family law.

In most cases involving surveillance and evidentiary recordings, speech intelligibility is greatly improved. In some instances, the improvement is so significant that speech is revealed that was so hidden in noise that it was barely distinguishable from the background.

Transcript creation, review and, if necessary, correction of existing transcripts is available after increasing intelligibility.

While our methods involve advanced digital and analog processing, the original recording is never altered.

Sound Testimony® uses a proprietary system of hardware, digital signal processing (DSP), and computer analysis to recover speech from:

* 911 Calls
* Voice Mail Systems
* Accidental Calls
* Surveillance Recordings
* Portable Audio Recorders
* Interviews
* Depositions
* Meetings
* Cell Phone Recordings, etc.

Clients include Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, Family Law & General Practice Attorneys, other Legal & Investigative Professionals, HR Depts., Corporations, Private Detectives, & Individuals, and the National Security Agency (NSA) under contract with CTC,

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