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About the Expert

Roy Bedard specializes in national and international police standards regarding law enforcement training curriculum, policy development and actual application of police and public safety use of force. Bedard has been qualified in Federal Court as a defensive tactics, use of force and combat stress expert. He evaluates incidents to determine grounds for excessive force claims and reviews criteria for establishing the legal use of force and deadly force.

Areas of Expertise

  • Deadly or Excessive Force
  • Police Practices and Activities

Expert's Profile

Are you looking for an expert witness to speak to the issue of professional use of force or police procedure? Perhaps you are a civilian who was arrested for using force in defense of yourself or another? Are you familiar with the Stand-Your-Ground laws that are now in place for your protection?

Work Summary

I am the President of RRB Systems, International, a law enforcement and security product and training corporation. I have traveled extensively throughout the world providing presentations, consultations and training to police agencies, civilian groups and enforcement officials in the fields of law enforcement, security, corrections and personal defense (see curriculum vitae). I hold patents and exclusive licensing on a variety of defensive tactics products including unique police batons, handcuffs and non-lethal control equipment. I hold several copyrights on practical police training programs emphasizing personal safety and close-quarter tactics. I serve as a subject matter expert to the US Department of Homeland Security. I am a Use of Force Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I have written and reviewed large portions of the Florida basic recruit curriculum including sections on handcuffing, restraints, pepper spray, escort techniques, ground defense, takedowns, pressure point control tactics, strikes and blocks, countermoves, and lethal force options. My original writings have been published in the State of Florida’s Basic and Instructor techniques for Law Enforcement and Corrections officials since 2001(CMS I and CMS II). This curriculum is mandatory training for all police and corrections officers who enter their respective professions in Florida. I educate members of the profession as well as University students, human interest groups and human rights organizations in various force related issues.

I am a certified law enforcement officer, field-training officer, academy instructor and subject matter expert. I specialize in police use of force, deadly force, arrest procedures and defensive tactics. My law enforcement experience includes four years with the Florida State University Police Department as a patrol officer and field training officer; and nineteen years with the Tallahassee Police Department (FL) as a patrol officer, in-service trainer, field training officer, chairman of defensive tactics committee and currently, a reservist.

As a police officer I have responded to calls for service involving a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony crimes. I have made numerous detentions, arrests and citizen contacts, some of which resulted in the use of force. I have used a variety of techniques and tactics in the field, including deadly force, and from this experience I have developed an expertise that enjoys the benefit of both practice and theory. I have instructed thousands of police officers in the field and in the classroom in police procedures to include responses to crimes in progress, arrest procedures, elements of crime, probable cause and fourth amendment issues of search and seizure.


I hold a BS in Criminal Justice and Criminology, An M.Sc in Educational Psychology and I am a Ph.D student at Florida State University in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology focusing on neurocognition and decision making under stress. I am an adjunct instructor for The Tallahassee Community College (FL), and have served as an adjunct instructor for Fox Valley Technical College (WI), Northcentral Technical College (WI) and Florida State University (International Studies). In each of these capacities I have presented both academic and hands-on training for students in the field. I have instructed law enforcement and correctional officers in general studies and high liability training at the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy (FL) since 1987.
I have contracted for MACE® Security International (Chemical Aerosols and Munitions), QUIK-KUF (Specialized hand-cuff) SABRE Defense (Chemical Aerosols and Munitions) PepperBall® (PAVA and OC deployment system) CSR Incorporated (Consulting Services and Research) and RRB Systems International (Global Policing Initiative).

I have managed a variety of Security projects on a scale ranging from facility and nightclub security in the United States, to tactics training in Romania, to mining operations in the jungles of Colombia. I have trained security personnel in commercial centers, malls, nightclubs, churches and schools.

I have provided research and analysis to many civil and criminal cases and have prepared full reports for courtroom testimony where opinion would be rendered in both State and Federal court.

Expert Witness

I have appeared as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in Florida and throughout the country. I have been qualified to render expert opinion in both State and Federal Courts on the subjects of defensive tactics, use of force and combat stress.

As a police officer I have prepared search warrants and arrest warrants in criminal cases. I have testified in dozens of depositions and trials and have testified in front of Grand Juries in criminal cases.

My credentials have never been rejected by any court.


Along with members of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), I have produced and directed The Florida CJSTC Defensive Tactics Training Video and produced several training films that have been used in colleges, and law enforcement academies across the nation. I have written many trade articles on police procedure, which have been published in a variety of national magazines and on web site servers. I have co-produced three police television docu-series, serving as police consultant for ROOKIES on A&E, Female Forces on the Biography Channel and Wildlife Cops on Planet Green.

I have written several articles in police trade magazines regarding police tactics and
International operations. I have produced and appeared in several video presentations of law enforcement tactics and techniques that have been used in police academies, training centers, and police departments around the world. I am a contributing author to an academic Criminal Justice textbook entitled “Exploring Criminal Justice” by McGraw-Hill.


I have acted as consultant to CBS Radio News regarding use of force cases in Los Angeles. I have been quoted by several media sources including ABC news, USA Today and a variety of local newspapers. I am a member of the PoliceOne.com training advisory committee, rendering advice and clarification to law enforcement officers nationally.

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