Jan F. Leach

Jan F. Leach

Janus Document Examination

222 W. Comstock Avenue, Suite 201 Winter Park, FL 32789

About the Expert

20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Court Approved Expert Witness, Handwriting Analyst, Document Examiner, SCAN: Scientific Content Analysis, Certified Graphologist. 90% of the cases are settled out of Court following presentation of the written letter of opinion. Open to national travel and Caribbean assignments.

Areas of Expertise

  • Document Examination Forensic
  • Handwriting

Expert's Profile

Jan Leach is a court qualified expert witness and has been approved in several Florida judicial courts and federal court. Jan Leach has experience with questioned signatures, wills, contracts, disguised handwriting, and checks. Her goal is to verify the genuineness of signatures and documents so clients may make informed decisions about their case. She is available for the Southeastern states and Eastern Seaboard. Cases have ranged from wills, check mark identification, embezzlement, to disguised handwritings.

Seminar speaker: National, Regional and local associations and companies.

Taught Courses in Handwriting Analysis:
- University of Alabama, Huntsville
- The knowledge Shop, Orlando, Florida
- Coursework for private investigators
- Courses for members of helping professions (teachers and counselors)
- Coursework for bank personnel

- Writing with Non-Dominant Hand
- Signatures of Professional Winners
- An Analysis of Famous People Signatures
- How to choose Sales People from Signatures and Handwriting Analysis.

25 Years of Study in the Field of Graphology and Document Examination

Personal Achievements


  • M.S. Arts in Communications California State University, Fullerton, CA

Special Training

  • National Association of Document Examiners Attendee
  • Certified in Handwriting Analysis
  • Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation:Course on Scientific Content Analysis
  • Document Examiners Association and Graphologist Attendee


  • Jan Leach was a member of the National Association of Document Examiners and has attended their seminars and workshops. Professional Associations: The Institute of Graphological Sciences (tIGS),lectured at annual conference June, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Graphological Society of San Francisco (GSSF); Membership: Private Investigators Association of Florida; American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA); Southeastern Handwriting Anaylsts (SEHA); member of ASTM International, a standards development organization.


  • Qualified as an expert in the 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Qualified as an expert in the 9th Judicial Court of Florida
  • Qualified as an expert in the 18th Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Qualified as an expert in the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Qualified as an expert in the U.S. Court in the Middle District of Florida


  • "How to choose a Salesperson through Handwriting Analysis"
  • "Handwriting Analysis: New Tool in the Work Place"
  • "Handwriting Analysis: A Tool fo Individualization in the WorkPlace

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