Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC

Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC

Cropseyville (Albany), NY 12052

About the Expert

President of Shade Tree Meteorology Dr. Alicia Wasula is a researcher, teacher, consultant and expert witness in the field of meteorology. She explains weather events in clear language understood by non-meteorologists. Her team of Certified Consulting Meteorologists has over five decades of combined operational and research experience. Their reports and expert witness testimony are used in cases of camper deaths in flash flooding, slips & falls, electrocution, roof collapse, and building flooding, among others. Exceptional skill at reconstructing weather events with weather records retrieval and interpretation, weather radar imagery interpretation, and detailed, scientifically accurate reports.

Areas of Expertise

  • Hydrology (Water Issues)
  • Weather / Meteorology

Expert's Profile

Dr. Alicia Wasula earned her Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees in Atmospheric Science at the University at Albany and recently earned her CCM as well. She developed a passion for severe weather and traveled to the Great Plains to study it in the field. She spent a summer in Norman, Oklahoma at the National Storm Prediction Center, doing research with Bob Johns, a prominent severe weather scientist.

In graduate school, Alicia developed a skill for making difficult meteorological concepts understandable in the classroom. Alicia taught a variety of courses from upper level science to entry level courses for non science majors, earning praise for her communication style.

During her post-graduate studies, Alicia continued to work closely with operational forecasters on research projects at the Albany National Weather Service Office and the the Storm Prediction Center on both her Master and Doctoral research projects.
Alicia continues her passion for science and clear communication and delivers the real documented scientific facts in terms readily understood by non-meteorologists.

Personal Achievements


  • AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist


  • American Meteorological Society (AMS)
  • National Weather Association (NWA)
  • National Council of Industrial Meteorologists (NCIM)

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