LS Spencer and Associates

LS Spencer and Associates

Warren Spencer,CFE

1410 S. Second Street St. Charles, IL 60174

About the Expert

Forensic handwriting expert located in Chicago suburbs. Court qualified handwriting examiner, signature comparison, altered and fraudulent records. Writer identification, ransom notes, bomb threats, suicide notes, graffiti,other unidentified writing

Areas of Expertise

  • Document Examination Forensic
  • Forensic Behavioral Science
  • Handwriting

Expert's Profile

Forensic Handwriting Examination

Forgery/Fraud Investigations

Warren Spencer, CGA,CFE is a court qualified
handwriting examiner and has testified in civil,
juvenile and criminal court. He is a certified fraud
examiner specializing in investigations involving

Warren holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University,
Ames, Iowa
His training includes:
Training Course in Forensic Document Examination
with Andrew Bradley & Associates, Denver, CO

Certification from The International Graphoanalysis Society, Chicago, IL
Trained in recognizing the space, slant, size, pressure, formation and other peculiarities in handwriting.

Certification Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

* criminology and ethics

* financial transactions and fraudulent schemes

* legal elements of fraud

* fraud investigations

He attends numerous professionally related seminars and workshops throughout the year and completes college credit coursework in areas of his expertise. (Statement of qualifications available upon request)

Although many cases settle out of court, Warren has often served as an expert witness in the courtroom.

In addition to examining signatures on checks, wills, voter registration
cards, deeds and other legal documents, he has worked with:

* graffiti

* threatening notes

* anonymous notes

* suicide notes

* ransom notes

* written confessions

Handwriting Analysis for Personality-Behavioral Profiling

Linda Spencer, CGA,M.S.

BS Upper Iowa University, Des Moines, Iowa
MS National-Louis University, Wheaton, Illinois
Certificate Forensic Linguistics Institute, UK
Continuing education through American College of Forensic Examiners

Linda lectures and conducts seminars and workshops on handwriting analysis and behavioral profiling throughout the year.

This efficient, unobtrusive technique is cost effective,objective, accurate and non-discriminatory. The scientific technique used in evaluating personality and behavior is standard and is applied according to the purpose of the analysis and the information required.

The most common applications are:

* Employer Services: Assessment of job applicants personality, skills and abilities as they relate to specific job requirements including highly sensitive security positions. Used to gain insight into aptitudes, work habits, motivations and interoffice relationships.

Maximize human resource potential and reduce hiring costs.

* Investigative Services: Utilize handwriting analysis and statement analysis to eliminate suspects, focus investigation questions, detect deception and determine dangerousness potential in suspects under investigation. Saves time and reduces the cost of investigations.

* Litigation and Pre-trial Services: Jury Selection and Witness Preparation: Gain a competitive edge in voir dire. Understand the personality traits of prospective jurors and how they may respond to your case. This scientific and accurate information will help you understand the critical behavioral patterns and the group dynamics operating within the jury.

Using only the juror cards and /or juror questionaire we help you:

o Challenge potentially damaging jurors
o Develop alternative lines of questioning
o Formulate trial strategy
o Gain insight to the individuals you are working with in the courtroom

Personal Achievements


  • Iowa State University-Business Administration (B.S.)

Special Training

  • Forensic Document Examination Andrew Bradley & Associates, Denver, CO 1989


  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Chicago Chapter and National Austin
  • Texas
  • National Association of Document Examiners
  • American Society of Testing and Materials International Forensic Science
  • Committee (E30)

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