Physical Evidence Consultant

Donald Schuessler, M.S.

P.O. Box 8528 Coburg, OR 97408

About the Expert

Thirty two years experience in forensic examination and expert witness testimony. Strong technical skills in crime / death scene and physical evidence examination. Bloodstain interpretation, fingerprint, footprint, footwear comparison,digital imaging.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crime Scene
  • Criminalistics
  • Finger Print & Foot Print Identification
  • Forensic Sciences

Expert's Profile

My work as a Forensic Analyst and Deputy Medical Examiner provides a broad base of experience and knowledge useful to both the defense and prosecution and can contribute to successful case resolution. My experience with physical evidence and crime scene investigation is useful during pretrial preparation when reviewing crime lab analysis, bloodstain pattern and shooting reconstructions reports. I have given expert opinion testimony in the state courts of Oregon, Washington and Utah and federal courts in Oregon and Washington. I have provided consultations and case review in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Nevada.

Areas of Expert Testimony

Fingerprint identification and processing

Footwear impression identification and processing

Crime scene investigation

Death Investigation

Bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction

Shooting reconstruction (bullet flight path determination and documentation)

Serial number restoration

Firearms operation (test firing) and identification

Physiological fluids

Legal / Medical photography

Evidence integrity and chain of custody procedures

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