Britton & Associates LLC

Wendy Britton Knau

1239 NE Milan Ave. Ankeny, IA 50021

About the Expert

I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coder(CPC) and former Medicare Fraud Manager. Experiences include expert witness consulting for Medicare/Medicaid criminal/civil cases, for the Dept. of Justice, and plaintiffs & defense attorneys. I have testified regarding Usual, Customary & Reasonable fees for medical services provided. Specific Experiences 1/1/12 thru 1/14/20: Testified at trial 11 times. Deposed 31 times. Provided expert opinion on 192 cases(75% Defense/25% Plaintiff). Provided expert consulting for 2 criminal cases. Assisted fraud audit & voluntary disclosure to the OIG resulting in $1,250,00 OIG settlement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Calculate Usual, Customary & Reasonable (ucr) Charges For Personal Injury Case
  • Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance

Expert's Profile

I have over 30 years of experience with the following:

1. Testified at trial 11 times;
2. Deposed 31 times;
3. Provided expert opinion on 192 cases (75% Defense - 25% Plaintiff);
4. Provided expert consulting for 3 criminal cases;
5. Assisted with fraud audit & voluntary disclosure to OIG resulting in a $1,250,000 OIG settlement;
6. Received The Office of Inspector General award for Superior Achievement Award for combatting fraud in 1984;
7. Provided expert opinion regarding Usual, Customary & Reasonable (UCR) fees in more than 50 cases;
8. Assisted providers with medical record audits & education.

Personal Achievements


  • Registered Nurse


  • American Academy of Professional Coders


  • Office of Inspector General Superior Achievement Award for Combatting Fraud 1984

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