Britton & Associates LLC

Wendy Britton, Knau RN,CPC

1239 NE Milan Ave. Ankeny, IA 50021

About the Expert

I am a Registered Nurse, certified coder and former Medicare Fraud Manager. Experiences include expert witness consulting for Medicare/Medicaid criminal/civil cases, for the Dept. of Justice, and plaintiffs & defense attorneys. I have testified regarding Usual, Customary & Reasonable fees for medical services.

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance

Expert's Profile

I have over 25 years of experience with the following:

1. Determine the cost of future medical care & procedures;
2. Estimate the cost of medical care provided by family, after an injury;
3. Review coding & medical record documentation;
4. Testifying as an expert witness concerning State & Federal regulations;
5. Determine the reasonableness of fees billed for medical services provided;

and much more.

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