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Accident And Safety Consultants

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$180 ph. Cherry Hill, NJ, Balt, MD, Phil, PA, Wilm, DE, Wash, D.C., VA, New York NY- Vehicle, Truck, Ped Accident Reconstruction, Injury Biomechanics, Safety Codes Regulations, Forklifts, Seatbelts, Airbags, OSHA, Slip Fall Trip, Machines, Traffic Safety, etc.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Biomechanics
  • Engineering Forensic Disciplines

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We are a SAFETY ENGINEERING, ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION and INJURY BIOMECHANICS firm - "Handling Difficult and Complicated Matters"


$180 per hour for initial review. Hourly rate is from Phil.PA, Cherry Hill. NJ, Balt. MD, Wash. DC, Wilm.DE, NYC.NY, No Geographical Limits. Call for a QUOTE or FREE PHONE CONSULTANT.

BSOSH, MSOSH, PhD Safety Engineering & Injury Biomechanics



Accident Reconstruction
Collision Reconstruction
Injury Biomechanics
OSHA Standards & Regulations
Multiple Employer Work Sites
Material Handling:Loading & Unloading
Amusement Rides
Boating Accidents
Computer Animations
Ergonomics & Human Factors
Safety Standards & Regulations
Industrial Safety & Injury
Night Accidents & Vision/Acuity
Vehicle Defects & Recalls
Crash Data Recorder (CDR)
Premisis Liability
Slips, Trips & Falls
Building Codes(BOCA ICC)-Residential, Commercial, Disability & Handicap (ADA)
Federasl Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA-CFR49 Parts 40,382.101-397.225)
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-CFR49 Parts 571.101-301)
Lift Truck Operation & Safety
Defensive Driving Safety
Truck Driver Safety
School Bus Safety
Low Speed Impacts
Machine Injuries
Product Safety
Seat Belts, Airbags, Child Seats
Tire Safety
Transportation Hazards, Regulations & Standards


Car, Trucks, Buses, Rollovers, Bicycles, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, ATV, Boats, Pedestrians, Biomechanical Studies, Occupant Injuries, Emergency Vehicles, Defects, Recalls, Crashworthiness, Cornering, Suspension, Human Factors, Night Vision, Driver Expectations, Headlamps, Driver Acuity, Crash Data Recorders (CDR) Analysis, Headlamps, Brakes, Tires, Vehicle Dynamics, Force & Energy, Acceleration, Accident Avoidance, Impact Analysis, Crush Damage Measurements, Low Speed impacts, FMVSS 571.101-301, FMCSA 382.101-397.225, etc.

Seat Belts, Air bags, Child Seats, Low Speed Impacts Injury, Probability of Injury: Spine Cervical Thoracic Lumbar, Upper & Lower Extremeties, Muscles, Skeleton, Tendons, Ligaments, Whole Body Vibration Biomechanics, Occupantional Biomechanics, Knee & Foot Impacts, Whiplash, Occupant Kinematics, Material Handling Limits, Human Body Anthropomorphic Data, Who was the Driver, Falls, Slips, Injury Forces, Occupant Restraint Systems, Anthropomorphic Test Devices, Tissue Stress & Strain, Head & Face Trauma, Fracture Patterns, Engineering Physiology, etc.

General Industry CFR29:1910 & Construction Industry CFR29:1926, Standards & Regulations, Imminent Danger, Falls, Slips, Inspections, Violations, Citation Mititgation, Multi-employer Job Site Citations & Injuries, Stairs, Ladders, Railings, Scaffolds, Working/Walking Surfaces, Forklift Safety, Mandatory Training Requirements, Cranes, Power Platforms, Manlifts, Personal Pertection Equipment, Confined Spaces, Heavy Vehicle Equipment, Machinery Guarding & Safety, Excavations, Hand & Portable Power Tools Safety & Guarding, 10 hour & 30 hour Training Requirements, Competent and Qualified Persons, Reaserach & OSHA Interpretation Letters, Material Handling & Storage, General Duty Clause, Safety Programs, Habituation, etc.

Air Platforms, Slides, Playground Surfaces, Swings, Vehicle Rides, Regulations & Standards, Carnivals, etc.

Slips, Trips, Falls, Standards & Regulations, Weather Issues, Bathrooms, Stairs, Ramps, Railings, Ladders, Carpets, Sidewalks, Lighting Areas, Resturants, Retail Stores, Buildings, Residential, Commercial, Stadiums, Railings, Building Code (ICC BOCA), Handicap & Disability Codes (ADA), Duty to Warn, Sidewalks, Curbs, Anti Slip Surfaces, Biomechanics of Walking & Slipping, Human Gait, Human Factors Trip & Fall, Parking Lots, Garages, Floor Cleaning, Mats & Matting, Hospital Falls, Elderly Factors, Ladder Falls, Truck & Bus Falls, Shoes as a Cause, etc.

Work Areas, Seating, Equipment, Switches, Handles, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Safe Designs, Ladders, Staris, Ramps, Vehicle Design, Standards & Regulations, Human Strength, Equilibrium, Product Design, Controls, Handals, Dials, Knobs, Fatigue, Visual Displays, System Analysis, Human Acceleration, Duty to Warn, Habituation, etc.

Required OSHA Training, Safe Operation, Workplace Setup, Safety Manuals, Maintenence, Site Views, Standards & Regulations, Unloading, Loading & Stacking, Material Handling, Backup Alarms, Habituation, Loading a Truck, Handling a Pallet, Inspections, Narrow Aisles, etc.

Injury Analysis, Biomechanical Studies, Probability of Injury, Mechanisms of Injury, Forces, Injury Threshold, Spine Herniations & Bulges, Knee Impacts, Extremeties Injury, Foot, Head, Seat Belt review, Air bag review, Vehicle Crush Stiffness & Restitution, Photos Reliability, Injury Prevention, Rear & Sideswipe Impacts, Seats & Head Rests, CTS & TMJ, Whiplash, Bumper Regulations, etc.

Machines Guarding, Conveyer Belts, Sliceing Machines, Hand Tools, Tool Defects, Falling Objects, Air Quality, Noise & Vibration Hazards, Safety Standards, Folding Machines, Pallet Machines, Packing Machines, etc.

Blow Outs, Defects, Worn Tires, Wrong Size Tires, Tire Deflation & Inflation, Standards, etc.

Traffic Signage, Roadway Markings, Roadway Reflective Surfaces, Work Zone Setup, Traffic Accident Roadway Divertion, Flaggers, Traffic Lights, Traffic Light Timing, Crosswalks, Traffic Control Devices, Street Lighting, Bus Stop Markings & Standards, Roadway Hazards & Defects, Standards & Regulations, Parking Lots, Pedistrian Safety, Vehicle Types, Cornering, Geometric Design, Sight Design, etc.

Helmets, Face Protection, Cars, Seat Belts, Air Bags, Toys, Consumer Products, Child Seats, Tires, Hand & Power Tools, Recalls, Ergonomics, Human Factors, etc.

ICC, BOCA, ADA, Disability & Handicap, Stairs, Ramps, Commercial, Residential, Carpets, Overhead Fixtures, Railings, Sidealks, Air Quality, Noise & Vibration Hazards, Lighting, Property Maintenance, Use Classifications, Accessibility, Egress, Windows, Glass Doors, etc.

30+ years in business, handled thousands of matters for Plaintiffs, Defendants, Insurance Companies, and Federal & State Governments accross the USA.

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