WEXCO International Corp.

WEXCO International Corp.

Brad Avrit, PE

4132 Del Rey Avenue Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

About the Expert

Experts in Building Codes, Safety Engineering, Safety Regulations, Pedestrian Locomotion, Coefficient of Friction Technology, Forensic Engineering to determine accident causation. WEXCO has investigated over 10,000 cases, delivered over 2,000 depositions & testified in over 600 trials.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction
Building Codes
Construction Claims
Mold and Indoor Air Quality
Premises Liability
Safety Engineering
Safety OSHA
Slips and Falls

Expert's Profile

WEXCO has over 40 years experience as an industry leader in construction management, critical path method scheduling, claims and claims prevention, safety programs and forensic analysis.
Specializing In:
» Construction Management
(Including Project Oversight & Monitoring)
» Project Management
» Safety Engineering
» Property Condition Assessment
» Project Controls
» Scheduling Management
» Quality Control Management

WEXCO has successfully served the legal industry for over 20 years. Our highly trained staff have investigated over 10,000 cases, delivered over 2,000 depositions and provided testimony in over 600 trials.
Specializing In:
» Premises Liability and Safety Engineering Litigation
» Accident Reconstruction
» Workplace and Construction Site Accidents
» Construction Defects Analysis and Related Damages
» Construction Disputes (Time and Money)
» Related Damages

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