Professional Audio Laboratories, Inc.

Professional Audio Laboratories, Inc.

Paul Ginsberg

311 Chelsea Manor Park Ridge, NJ 07656

About the Expert

Recognized leader in digital enhancement, authentication, duplication, all digital formats, 35 years, 1,750 trials, 30 Federal districts, quick turnaround, media expert, most experienced. See website.

Areas of Expertise

  • Audio & Tape Analysis

Expert's Profile

Mr. Ginsberg specializes in state-of-the-art digital enhancement of recordings, examination to determine authenticity and to determine whether a recording has been altered, transcription, and presentatino of recorded evidence, along with supporting expert testimony.

Mr. Ginsberg is a continuing guest on CNN, Headline News, and Fox News, and has appeared in People Magazine, The New York times, Newark Star Ledger, The New York Post, as well as various periodicals.

He has authored papers on enhancement of signals in the presence of noise on government contract, as well as articles for prosecutors and private investigators on how to best utilize digital recordings.

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