James C. Jeffery III, PE

Civil & Traffic Engineering Consulting Services

PO Box 961 Los Gatos, CA 95031

About the Expert

Expert testimony, consultation and litigation support provided for 35 years in the areas of Roadway Design Defect and Design Immunity, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning. Largest settlement $5,000,000, affirmed on appeal. CA registered Traffic Engineer, Civil Engineer; Transportation Engineer; General Engineering Contractor.

Areas of Expertise

  • Highway Construction and Maintenance
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Transportation

Expert's Profile

Plaintiff and Defense, Civil and Criminal Cases, Public and Private Sector Clients, Superior, Federal and Magistrate Courts. Admitted as an Expert Witness in states across the US, Canada.

Expertise in roadway design defect review of both public and private roadway, including determination of dangerous condition, liability and need for accident mitigation measures; design immunity; analysis of design, installation and maintenance of traffic control devices, including compliance with standards of care to meet current conditions; construction zone collisions; investigation of collision sites on all roadway types, including parking lots, all land-use types, all jurisdictions; incidents involving all types of vehicles, including bicycles, and pedestrians.

Principal of Traffic and Civil Engineering Consulting Services since 1983. Professional experience includes work as a consulting city traffic engineer and a regional traffic engineer.

Institute of Transportation Engineers Life Fellow. California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Board of Registration Technical Expert. TPCB Licensed Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. Member, American Society of Civil Engineers. Member, Engineers Without Borders.

BS Degrees, Engineering Management and Environmental Sciences.

Traffic Engineer (CA Lic. #1179), Civil Engineer (CA Lic. #36644),
General Engineering Contractor (CA Lic. #391026).

Offices in the Bay Area and the Central Valley of California.

Website is www.trafficandcivilengineer.com

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