Patricia Jeanne Howze, JD

Employment/HR/Discrimination Expert

20 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite A-120 Mill Valley, CA 94941

About the Expert

Expert testimony based on 30 years of human resources management experience conducting investigations, training and consultations. Focus: HR policies, practices, recruitment, evaluations, discrimination, family leave, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Employment and Human Resources
  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

Expert's Profile

Ms. Howze is a member of the Illinois and California Bars. Currently, Ms. Howze is the Founder & CEO of Century Corporate Counsel (CCC), a management consulting firm. In that capacity she has provided a wide range of legal and management services to start-ups and multi-national established companies in various industries. Ms. Howze has been certified as an expert in employment/labor law and has worked with major law firms in California. Immediately prior to CCC, Ms. Howze successfully established and supervised the employment/labor practice group for the Legal Department of a Fortune 100 company of more than 102,000 employees.

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