Long International, Inc.

Long International, Inc.

Richard J. Long, P.E.

5265 Skytrail Drive Littleton, CO 80123

About the Expert

Experts in oil refinery, petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas, tar sands, and industrial plant construction claims analysis and testimony involving delay, disruption, loss of productivity, change orders, cost and schedule control, and project management problems. The firm has extensive U.S. and international experience.

Areas of Expertise

  • Construction Claims
  • Petroleum / Natural Gas / Petrochemicals

Expert's Profile

Long International provides expert engineering and construction claims consulting and expert testimony, project management consulting, and fire/explosion property damage and business interruption claims analysis services to the process plant engineering and construction industry worldwide.

Founded by Richard J. Long, P.E., a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience, the primary focus of Long International is on petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas production, mining/mineral processing, power, cogeneration, and other process plant and industrial projects.

Long International has served clients and projects located in over 45 countries spanning six continents and is proud of the reputation that it has earned for high-quality work products and cost-effective results.

Construction claims expert services include:

• Claim Requests /Defense Against Claims/Expert Reports
• CPM Schedule Delay/Acceleration Analyses
• Quantum/Damages Analyses
• Cumulative Impact Claims
• Technical Assessments of Unresolved Change Orders
• Risk Assessment/Probabilistic Determination of Potential Claim Settlement Values
• Graphics and Multimedia Presentations
• Expert Testimony

Project management consulting services include:

• Project Reviews/Audits
• Reviews and Critiques of Contract Documents
• Risk Analysis of Proposals and Bid Packages
• Development and/or Review of Project Management Plans and Procedures
• Analysis of Contract Language
• Schedule Assurance Services
• Analysis of Technical Issues, Schedule Impact, and Pricing of Change Orders
• Contract Administration/Owner’s Representative
• Preparation of Document Control and Tracking Procedures
• Claims Prevention Training Seminars

Fire/Explosion property damage and business interruption claims analysis services include:

• Evaluation of Cost/Schedule Impacts of Code Upgrades and Betterments
• Determination of the “But-For” Date
• Evaluation of Acceleration/Business Interruption Tradeoffs
• Analysis and Quantification of Rebuild Expediting Costs
• Risk Assessment/Probabilistic Determination of Potential Claim Settlement Values
• Monitoring of Schedule Performance
• Arbitration/Litigation Support/Expert Testimony
• Insurance Claim Settlement Support

Projects in which the firm has extensive experience:

• Petroleum Refineries
• Petrochemical/Chemical Plants
• Tar Sands Plants
• Offshore Oil & Gas Production Facilities
• Gas Processing Facilities
• Mining & Mineral Processing Facilities
• Pipelines
• Coal/Coke Gasification Facilities
• Oil Shale Facilities
• Pipelines/Compressor Stations

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