Leatzow & Associates, Inc.

Leatzow & Associates, Inc.

Jim Leatzow

Nationwide, US

About the Expert

As an Nat'l agency owner for over 30 years, I am experienced in Custom & Practice • Over 400+ retention's since 2005 • 42 yrs in the industry • 30 yrs Nat'l P/C Agency Owner • 27 yrs Nat’l underwriting MGA • 21 yrs Nat’l claims-handling TPA • Licensed all states • 50% Plaintiff & 50% Defense • 80+ depos • Testified in 10 of 11 federal districts • Rule 26 Report expertise • Very affordable • No charge for travel-time nationally

Areas of Expertise

  • Insurance - Bad Faith
  • Insurance - Customs and Practices
  • Insurance - Professional Liability
  • Insurance - Property Casualty
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers - Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

Jim Leatzow is best known for his "hands on", practical experience spanning 40 years in the insurance business. He has literally "worn every hat there is to wear" in the insurance industry. Those positions include being a nationally licensed agent, broker, Surplus Lines broker, underwriting Managing General Agent (MGA), Third Party Administrator (TPA) claims handler and active reinsurance company executive.

Leatzow sold his national insurance agency in 2005 and began doing expert assignments at that time, involving agent/broker/MGA/TPA standards of care, coverage & bad faith. Expert consulting is 60%+ of his work, with the balance being insurance arbitrations. He is a certified insurance arbitrator in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union & Bermuda. Leatzow has been retained 275+ times, deposed 60+ times, & testified at trial 10 times. He has testified in 9 of the 11 federal districts & been found qualified in state & federal courts as a bad faith expert.

Leatzow makes himself affordably available coast-to-coast by never charging for travel time (time spent in transit). Leatzow has represented plaintiff and defendants about equally and he never accepts an assignment for which he is not properly experienced & suited.

Personal Achievements


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • DePaul University Law School (Chicago) trained mediator


  • Continuously licensed 42 years in Illinois / 34 years in Wisconsin
  • Licensed in all other states as Insurance Producer 1980 to Oct 2005
  • Licensed in all states as a Surplus Lines Broker

Special Training

  • Insurance company founder & owner




  • ARIAS-U.S. Certified Insurance Arbitrator & Mediator
  • ARIAS-U.K. Certified Insurance Arbitrator
  • Bermuda - Certified Insurance Arbitrator
  • DePaul University Law School (Chicago) trained mediator

Military service

  • 4 years Corps of Engineers, Commander 1970-1974

Prior assignments

  • Equal retentions by Plaintiff & Defense

Percentage of time spent as expert

  • 100%

Number of expert assignments / year

  • 20+

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