Analysis & Inference, Inc.

Analysis & Inference, Inc.

William B. Fairley, PhD

1489 Baltimore Pike, Suite 305 Springfield, PA 19064

About the Expert

Founded in 1979, Analysis & Inference, Inc. provides statistical consulting services for law firms, corporations and government agencies. Dr. William Fairley has frequently been retained as an expert consultant and witness. Expertise in Statistics, Discrimination, Economic Consulting, Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud.

Areas of Expertise

  • Discrimination
  • Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Statistics

Expert's Profile

Analysis & Inference ( is skilled at presenting complex ideas to non-experts.

Statistical Expertise:

* Regression analysis
* Sampling and research design
* Reliability and validity
* Statistical significance
* Modeling and estimation
* Probability and risk analysis
* Data mining and analysis
* Quality control
* Forecasting and time series

Practice Areas:

* Commercial litigation and damages
* Discrimination, labor and employment
* Insurance and health care
* Real estate
* Telecommunications
* Theft and fraud
* Product liability and accidents
* Public policy and education
* Surveys and audits

Personal Achievements


  • PhD Harvard University - Department of Statistics.
  • London School of Economics - Fulbright Fellowship.
  • BA with High Honors, Swarthmore College.


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Economic Association
  • Americal Statistical Association
  • Society for Risk Analysis

Prior assignments

  • Retained as an expert 250 times

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