Analysis & Inference, Inc.

Analysis & Inference, Inc.

William B. Fairley, PhD

1489 Baltimore Pike, Suite 305 Springfield, PA 19064

About the Expert

Founded in 1979, Analysis & Inference, Inc. provides statistical consulting services for law firms, corporations and government agencies. Dr. William Fairley has frequently been retained as an expert consultant and witness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Discrimination
  • Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Statistics

Expert's Profile

Analysis & Inference ( is skilled at presenting complex ideas to non-experts.

Statistical Expertise:

* Regression analysis
* Sampling and research design
* Reliability and validity
* Statistical significance
* Modeling and estimation
* Probability and risk analysis
* Data mining and analysis
* Quality control
* Forecasting and time series

Practice Areas:

* Commercial litigation and damages
* Discrimination, labor and employment
* Insurance and health care
* Real estate
* Telecommunications
* Theft and fraud
* Product liability and accidents
* Public policy and education
* Surveys and audits

Personal Achievements


  • PhD Harvard University - Department of Statistics.
  • London School of Economics - Fulbright Fellowship.
  • BA with High Honors, Swarthmore College.


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Economic Association
  • Americal Statistical Association
  • Society for Risk Analysis

Prior assignments

  • Retained as an expert 250 times

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