Security Associates, Inc.

Security Associates, Inc.

Lance Foster

13814 Egret Ln. Clearwater, FL 33762

About the Expert

Highly qualified and experienced practicing security consultant. Former bank security director, homicide detective and college instructor. Retained by plaintiffs and defendants in all types of commercial environments.

Areas of Expertise

  • Security

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Mr. Foster is certified as a Protection Professional (CPP) and as a Security Consultant (CSC). These are the most important and prestigious certifications in the field of security. He is also trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). As a CPP and CSC and trained in CPTED he has been retained in approximately 500 premises security cases with 300 depositions and 42 trial appearances. As the committee chair for the International Association of Professional Security Consultants he helped originate the Best Practice (Forensic Methodology) for forensic security consultants to oppose motions to strike their testimony. Mr. Foster's testimony has never been struck in federal or numerous state courts.

Mr. Foster is a practicing independent security consultant and, as such, has conducted numerous security assessments for non-litigation clients.

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