E. Robert Miller & Associates

E. Robert Miller & Associates

E. Robert Miller

330 Primrose Road, Suite 606 Burlingame, CA 94010

About the Expert

Expert witness in over 1,000 property management cases. Apartments, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Condominiums, Homes and Mobile Home Parks. Experienced in: Arbitration, Litigation, Lease Terms, Personal Injury, Property Damage, Security, Standards of Care and Due Diligence.

Areas of Expertise

  • Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Commercial
  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Residential

Expert's Profile

Expert witness in property management issues for all types of commercial and residential real estate. Experience in arbitration, litigation, lease terms, personal injury, property damage, security, standards of care, and due diligence. Retained as expert witness/consultant in over 550 lawsuits.

Personal Achievements


  • B.S. Sociology, School of Commerce, University of Wisconsin


  • Certified Property Manager (CPM) by the Institute of Real Estate Management
  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) by the National Association of Realtors
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the Institute of Management Consultants


  • President, Northern California Foresnic Expert Witness Assoication, 2004.
  • National President, Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), 1980.
  • Secretary General, World Property Management Committee, International Real Estate Federation, 1992.
  • President, USA Chapter, World Federation of Real Estate Brokers (FIABCI), 1989.
  • World Chairman, Property Management, International Real Estate Federation, 1983.
  • Elected to IREM’s Academy of Authors, 1982.
  • Chairman, Education Committee – International Operations Committee, 1992.
  • Reciprocal Director appointed and representing the National Association of Realtors for New Zealand 1997-1998, Israel 1999-2005.
  • Past Member, Board of Directors of the National Multi-Housing Council.


  • National Multi-Housing Council Outstanding Service Award
  • Property Manager of the Year (Wisconsin)
  • Elected to the Real Estate Management Academy of Authors
  • Institute of Real Estate - Most Outstanding Editorial Contribution to the Field of Real Estate Management.
  • Awarded “Most Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Real Estate Management” in the Journal of Property Management.


  • Past Dean and Instructor, Institute of Real Estate Management, BDM 601 Business Development Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies.
  • Course HRS603 Leadership for Today’s Real Estate Manager. Prerequisite for the Accredited Management Organization (AMO).
  • Past Instructor, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, School of Commerce (Real Estate Management).
  • Lecturer at College of San Mateo.
  • Instructor, National Association of Realtors International Operations Committee.
  • Instructor, National Apartment Association.
  • Co-author – “Managing and Leasing Residential Properties” – John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Speaker - The Real Estate Institute of Canada Apartment Association.
  • National Real Estate Investor, Property Managers Confront Problems Around the World.
  • Business Facilities, The world’s cities achieve higher stands… slowly.
  • Mortgage Banking, Apartment Investing…Climate for Success.
  • Tax Shelter Digest, Pick Winners Like the Pros.
  • Journal of Property Management
  • * Long Distance Management Emerging Concepts Proves Profitable
  • * The International Role of Property Management
  • * Real Estate Cycle: An argument for Raising Rents
  • * Implementing Selected Energy Conservation Methods
  • * Analysis of the Current Housing Situation
  • * The Laundry Rooms Hidden Profits

Military service

  • US Army, Korea

Prior assignments

  • Mr. Miller has a long history of hands-on and managerial experience in addition to his extensive professional knowledge. His constant involvement in expert witness work and property management consulting keeps his skills and knowledge at the forefront of property management advances. His recent expert witness work has focused on:
  • * Safety Regulations
  • * Tenant and Landlord Rights
  • * Standards of Care
  • * Slips, Trips and Falls
  • * Security and Lighting
  • * Negligence in Hiring, Supervision, and On-site Practices
  • * Landlord Tenant and Vendor Disputes
  • * Property Maintenance Best Practices and Responsibilities
  • * Security Deposits
  • * Common Area Maintenance Charges (CAM)

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