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Lamar Blount, CPA/CFF, FHFMA

PO Box 2166 Atlanta, GA 30077

About the Expert

HLN consults in civil and criminal cases involving: UCR, reasonable charges & reimbursement; forensic audits; provider & payor disputes; medical record & billing documentation; ICD & CPT coding; compliance programs; business damages; Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance fraud; and antitrust. MD, RN, RHIA, CPC, CFE, ChFC, MHA and CPA experts available.

Areas of Expertise

  • Healthcare Practices and Records
  • Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance

Expert's Profile

HLN’s founder is the co-author of the American Medical Association's best selling Mastering the Reimbursement Process book. During 30+ years serving the healthcare industry, Lamar Blount has provided consulting services for more than 300 clients in 30 states.

Prior to founding Health Law Network, Lamar was founder and chairman of Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA) from 1990 to 2002, providing compliance, reimbursement, clinical data and financial expertise to over 1,000 healthcare organizations nationwide, and he was previously a manager with a Big 4 international CPA firm.

Lamar is a nationally recognized author and is a Fellow and Certified Healthcare Financial Professional in the Healthcare Financial Management Association, a member of the American Institute of CPAs and Georgia Society of CPAs, and has served as an Arbitrator for American Health Lawyers Association. Lamar has been admitted as an expert in multiple US District and State Courts and Administrative Hearings, and he is Certified in Financial Forensics by the AICPA.

Health Law Network’s expertise includes: Accounting, APCs, Business Damages, Contractual Disputes, Cost Reports, DRGs, ERISA, False Claims, Fraud, HIPAA, ICD & CPT Coding, Insurance, Rate Setting, Self Disclosure and Valuations.

Representative Engagements

+ Developed self disclosure process for 12-hospital group, audited over 1,000 Medicare claims, and statistically projected the overpayment settlement.

+ Assisted law firm representing one of the largest national home health chains to amend over 200 cost reports and recover over $2 million in additional reimbursement.

+ Provided litigation support to law firm defending physician against Medicare fraud charges, including testimony in US District Court.

+ Calculated economic damages and served as advisor to law firm defending a national hospital chain against allegations of lost profits resulting from a failed sale of multiple hospitals.

+ Developed strategic business recommendations for $30 million specialty MD practice to establish succession plan, implement compensation plan and reduce risks.

+ Engaged by a state Medical Board of Examiners to evaluate the reasonableness of charges for a physician's claims.

+ Developed proforma detailed hospital and physician bill totaling over $1 million for an attorney representing a burn victim treated by a hospital that does not charge for its services.

+ Evaluated potential unbundling of IV charges and proper cost report treatment of Observation Beds by multiple hospitals for an HMO.

+ Forensic audit of labor cost and fringe benefits for a $9 million contracted service dispute between two governmental entities.

+ Evaluation and report on usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) medical and prescription charges over 10 years for 20 personal injury plaintiffs involving over 150,000 pages of billing and medical record documents.

+ Developed statistical sampling plan to evaluate over 60,000 Medicare claims in a False Claims Act case within a tight court deadline.

Legal references are available upon request.

Personal Achievements


  • Mastering the Reimbursement Process - AMA book

Prior assignments

  • • Developed Medicare OIG self disclosure process for 12-hospital group
  • • Amended over 200 cost reports and recover over $2 million in additional reimbursement for national chain
  • • Expert testimony defending physician against criminal Medicare fraud charges
  • • Litigation support defending a national hospital chain against allegations of lost profits
  • • Served as NHLA Arbitrator in dipute between hospital and HMO
  • • Organized and coordinated multi-hospital group reimbursment appeals
  • • Assisted state Attorney General's office investigation of Home Hrealth fraud

Percentage of time spent as expert

  • 25%

Number of expert assignments / year

  • 12

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