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About the Expert

Experienced hotel experts providing litigation consulting and impartial hotel expert witness research, reports and testimony. With offices in Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC have addressed standards and practices in hotels, restaurants, bars, gaming establishments, cruise lines, recreational venues and other hospitality-related businesses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Food and Restaurant Industries
  • Franchising
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Liquor Liability - Dram Shop
  • Management
  • Premises Liability

Expert's Profile

Recognizing the increasing number of attorneys in need of a hotel expert to guide them through hotel and hospitality industry standards and practices, THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC (THE) was formed in 2002.

Building on the advantages of offering more than one hotel expert to the specialized needs of each lawsuit, THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC practice has grown to include associates with highly specialized hotel and hospitality expertise in hotel operations, food & beverage services, safety & security, human resources, financial practices and franchising. THE associates offer rich field and, in some cases, academic experience, corporate supervision, standards development, training and responsibility for execution of industry standards and practices. THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC works with attorneys to determine who is most knowledgeable and location appropriate to deliver effective support in each case. More specific areas of expertise include;

Hotel Operating Standards
Product Standards
Safety & Security Standards
Emergency Procedures
Employee Qualifications, Hiring & Termination Practices
Standards for Training
Marketing Practices
Franchise Agreements & Management Contracts
Franchise Relations
Restaurant, Food & Beverage Standards
Alcohol Service

THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC has been disclosed in over 100 cases covering 35 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. THE has appeared both for and against hotel properties, owners, operators, franchisors and individual litigants.

THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC is skilled at research and developing recommendations for discovery and deposition questioning. As litigation consultants, THE can provide strategic direction. As testifying expert witnesses, THE associates deliver unbiased opinions and reports as well as impartial testimony at deposition and trial.

THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC maintains a library of North American hotel company operating standards manuals, university level textbooks used to train aspiring hotel, restaurant and hospitality executives and relevant industry articles published in the most visible hotel industry trade publications.

Hourly fees may be obtained by contacting Skip Stearns. THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC will not charge more than ten hours per calendar day when traveling for site inspections, deposition or trial. Retention of THE HOTEL EXPERTS, LLC is only effective upon receipt of retainer. Minimums, retainer amounts and other applicable terms are disclosed and agreed upon prior to retention.

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