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Paul Gogulski, PE

142 Remington Way Richlands, NC 28574

About the Expert

P.E. (civil) Testified as expert in 23 states and completed hundreds of accident investigations throughout the country. Excellent record of settlement. OSHA certified trainer.See references and comprhensive listing on website.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Construction Claims
  • Engineering Forensic Disciplines
  • Safety OSHA

Expert's Profile

Our record spans the last 13 years in forensic engineering and expert testimony. Mr. Gogulski has 38 years in general contracting, facilities planning, and real estate development. He led teams in delivery of industrial. commercial, public works and residential projects throughout the United States and overseas. He has represented General Electric, Disney and Sheraton Hotels as Owners Agent on quality projects, and supervised architects and engineers on mass transit and public works construction projects.

We represent attorneys, insurance companies, contractors, architects and engineers requring expert testimony and/or recovery of cost. We have testified on hundreds of cases nationally and internationally, and provide seminars in claims, construcion risk, site management and quality control. We have developed project controlswhich have proven successful in reducing cost of claims. Two of our associates are faculty members of the University of Michigan and The Citadel College of Engineerina.

Our construction risk analysis identifies requirements which go beyond those stated in the plans and specifications. Using the latest 3D/4S technology, we developed claim presentations which simplify the entire process. Our structural analysis includes bomb threats and demolition issues in association with Applied Science International (ASI), an affiliate with world wide projects.

Starting with Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco, Mr. Gogulski grew in progressively more responsible assignments with general contractors, Fortune 100 developers, engineers, and public works organizations. He has led teams in the organization, design and execution of major projects throughout the world.

This experience brings a unique focus to your case.


Professional Engineer (civil)
Nevada License#14596
South Carolina # 30190
New Hampshire License #2319

Certified Quality Control Manager - US Army Corps of Engineers
Certified Construction Industry Outreach Trainer - OSHA 500, 502

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Masters in Business Administration candidate, University of Phoenix

Publications and Seminars:

Seminar, Site Management, Doah,Qatar, Sept 9.10.11, 2012
Seminar, Claims, Eljabar Egineering, Doah, Qatar, April, 2012
Seimnar, Claims, Ewan Companies, Jeddah, Saudi Arabis, January, 2011
Jury Verdict Lack Common Sense, Engineering News Record, August 31, 2011
Speaking English is Key to Safety, Engineering News Record, Nov 6, 2008
Seminar Leader - Industrial Development Research Council, 1992
Guaranteed Maximum Contracts- Real Estate Executive, October 1993
Interstate Highway System - American Society of Civil Engineers, 1999
Featured Speaker – Nevada AGC, 2002 & Nevada Framers Association, 2000
Featured Speaker - Massachusetts High Technology Council, 1993


More Information

  • CV - construction accidnts
    This CV focuses on my extensive experience in construction accidents and forensic engineering related to the construction inustry.

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