Michael Levine, Consulting

Michael Levine, Consulting

Michael Levine, Trial Consultant/Expert Witness

PO Box 533 Stone Ridge, NY 12484

About the Expert

Retired DEA Supervisory Officer. 45 years exp. Court-qualified expert in Federal and State courts in 17 states 8 foreign countries. Use-of-force, Police Involved Shootings, Undercover & Informant-handling tactics, blind mule defense, Interrogations, Title III, RICO, Narcotic enforcement all facets. Currently reviewing police-involved shootings for two major District Attorneys offices. Http://www.policetriallexpert.com for details

Areas of Expertise

  • Criminal Informants
  • Deadly or Excessive Force
  • Police Practices and Activities

Expert's Videos

Michael Levine testifies in Alaska police discrimination case.
60 Minutes on informants

Expert's Profile

Michael Levine is a 45 year courtroom veteran as a supervisory federal agent, police instructor and police trial consultant. His expert, trial testimony in Use of Force, Undercover Tactics, Informants, Blind Mules, Money Laundering, Narcotics trafficking, Interrogations and all facets of criminal investigations has been accepted in Federal and State courts in 19 states, Puerto Rico, and numerous foreign nations. In January, 2008, he authored the Police Student Manual "Undercover Tactics and Informant Handling" for the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services. Since his retirement from the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1990, he has been retained on more than 300 civil and criminal actions, depending on the facts, working for plaintiffs, defendants and police agencies. A list of his latest cases may be found at policetrialexpert.com. His seminal articles, "BLIND MULES-FICTION OR FACT?" - "KING RAT" & "THE WEAKEST LINK" have been heavily relied upon by attorneys and police instructors as critical reference materials.

More Information

  • Rule 26 - Court and Deposition Testimony 2013 to 2018
  • CV for Michael Levine
  • Undercover Operations and Informant Handling Manual
    The attached manual will be of extreme interest to attorneys involved in law suits and/or criminal matters involving informant handling and undercover cases gone wrong. Many end up in killings and extreme uses of deadly force. The manual was first authored for the Drug enforcement Administration schools for local and state police throughout the nation. It was later (as attached) adopted for use in New York State. After this it was adopted, after DEA vetting, by the state department for instructing Brazilian national police. Recently it was republished by Academia.edu through which it is now among the top ,01% of downloads globally by police agencies and researchers.

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