The Center for Forensic Economic Studies

1608 Walnut St., Suite 801 Philadelphia, PA 19103

About the Expert

The Center for Forensic Economic Studies provides expert economic analysis and testimony. Center Ph.D.- level staff members have special expertise in statistical analysis, particularly issues in labor and employment litigation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Valuations
  • Economic Consulting
  • Statistics

Expert's Profile

Our staff includes economists and statisticians, valuation experts and information-technology experts.

Center economists assist clients with discovery, prepare reports, critique reports of opposing experts, assist in developing questions for depositions and cross examination and, when necessary, present credible testimony.

An overview of our main practice areas:

Economic Analysis in Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Damages

What economic damage did the tort victim or the victim's family members suffer?

Economic Analysis in Commercial Damages / Business Interruption Claims

What did a business lose as the result of a tort or breach of contract? Does a business-interruption claim overlook or overstate elements of damages?

Economic Analysis of Damages in Employment Matters

What is the economic impact of an individual or group dismissal, layoff or other employment decision?

Economic and Statistical Analysis of Employment Discrimination

Was a layoff or other employment action biased against a group or individual?

Business Appraisals

What is the economic value of a business or professional practice?

Personal Achievements


  • Staff includes Ph.D.-level economists and statisticians

Special Training

  • Labor Economics, Business Valuation


  • American Arbitration Association, National Center for Dispute Settlement, American Economic Association, Labor and Employment Relations Association, American Law and Economics Association

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