Sterling Anthony, Consultant/Expert

Sterling Anthony, Consultant/Expert

Sterling Anthony

100 Renaissance Center-43176 Detroit, MI 48243

About the Expert

Packaging-related cases involving: defective packaging; unreasonably dangerous products; personal injury; product liability; failure-to-warn; material handling; warehouse safety; cargo loading & securement; falling cargo; falling merchandise; insurance claims involving cargo loss or damage; patent infringement; trade-dress infringement.

Areas of Expertise

  • Packaging

Expert's Profile

Sterling Anthony, CPP, has more than 40 years of experience in packaging and related disciplines. His case specializations are: defective packaging and unreasonably dangerous products; failure-to-warn when the packaging is the medium; unsafe materials-handling practices; warehouse safety; cargo loading and securement; falling cargo; insurance claims for loss or damaged cargo; falling merchandise; and, patent infringement and trade-dress infringement. He has testified in state and federal courts. He has worked cases for Plaintiff and others for Defendant, each time ethically and professionally, and has a long reference list of attorneys. He has sizable strengths in analysis, opining, and communicating with the spoken and written word. He is a self-employed consultant, servicing the consumer-nondurables, industrial, institutional, and government sectors. Prior, he was an employee at various Fortune 100 companies. He is a former university instructor. He has authored more than 200 published articles and has lectured at conferences around the world. In all, his education, training, and experience allow him a balanced perspective, combining theory and practice.

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