Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.

Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.

111 W. Canyon Crest Road Alpine, UT 84004

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Our experts have been designing and prototyping trailers in several industries for over three decades. When you need an expert witness who understands the ins and outs of how a trailer works mechanically, our experts are a great option. We have specific experience and knowledge about end dump trailers, side dump trailers, belly dump trailers, roll-off container trailers, specialty trailers, bulk handling trailers, live floor trailers and tanker trailers. Our experts can perform analyses to determine the structural integrity of equipment and provide opinions that are technically accurate, of the highest quality, scientifically supported and clearly presented. Request one of our experts or call 801-763-8484

Areas of Expertise

Aerial Lifts
Amusement Parks
Bus & Truck Safety / Accidents
Engineering Forensic Disciplines
Exercise Equipment
Failure Analysis
Industrial Design
Machinery & Industrial Equipment
Mechanical Engineering
Patents & Trademarks
Product Reliability
Products Liability
Safety Engineering
Safety OSHA
Sanitary Engineering / Waste Management
Truck Safety/Accidents

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We have been providing services in the consulting engineering field for more than 30 years. Our team of mechanical experts specializes in product liability, product safety, intellectual property, infringement analysis, invalidity analysis, design analysis, mechanical systems, and electrical systems. We provide mechanical engineering expert support to both legal and insurance industries. We provide expert services worldwide. Our experts have been retained in several hundred cases over the years due to our commitment to delivering the highest quality analysis and the clearest opinions available. Our specialized experience, integrity and communication skills make us the top choice for our clients when a mechanical expert witness is needed.

Our clients are confident in the analysis that we provide because they know that our data will be unbiased and based on a reasonable degree of engineering certainty. This allows them to rely heavily upon the information and testimony provided by our experts. For high-quality information, you can rely on email us at or call us today at (801)763-8484.

More Information

  • Mr Cameron Orr P.E. CSP, CFPHS
    Expert in Aerial Lift Trucks, Hazardous Material Tanker Trailers, LNG Tank Testing
  • David Smith MSME, MBA, PE, CSP
    His major areas of focus and expertise include thrill rides, aerial lifts, trailers, towing systems, tarping systems, refuse trucks, exercise equipment, forklifts and telehandlers, drilling equipment, oil and gas equipment, cranes, scaffolding, heavy equipment, hydraulic equipment, plastic design, structural analysis, designing to standards, and safety
  • Mr. Fred Smith - President
    Mr. Smith's expertise extends to many areas of product design; including concept generation, design, stress calculations, finite element analysis, modeling, safety, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and assisting in the patent process. Mr. Smith co-authored a white paper entitled, “An Engineering Guide for Trailer Safety Chain Installation, Attachment and Use.” Mr. Smith has been retained over 500 times as an expert in product liability, breach of warranty, negligent misrepresentation and intellectual property cases.
  • Mr. Nathan Morrill PE, CSP
    Areas of expertise include refuse equipment, specialty trailers, liftgates, man lifts, exercise equipment, cranes, container covers, end dumps, belly dumps, side dumps, mobile hydraulically operated equipment, industrial plant equipment, high thrill rides, and zip lines.
  • Mr. Loren Sackett PE, CSP
    Aerial Lift Trucks, Hazardous Material Tanker Trailers, Miscellaneous Dump and Flat-Bed Trailers, Amusement Park Rides

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