Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.

Alpine Engineering & Design, Inc.

111 W. Canyon Crest Road Alpine, UT 84004

About the Expert

Mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, failure analysis, machinery and industrial equipment, electronic engineering, engineering forensic disciplines, product liability, forklifts, safety, safety engineering, waste management, power tools, accidents and injuries, machinery equipment, power tools, finite element analysis, patent

Areas of Expertise

  • Bus & Truck Safety / Accidents
  • Coal - Energy - Mining
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Intellectual Property
  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Products Liability

Expert's Profile

We are an experienced group of engineers with areas of expertise ranging in mechanical and electrical engineering. We have exceptional knowledge when it comes to intellectual property and product liability.

Our experience in these areas has been: design, design modification, prototyping, obtaining patents, consulting and much more. This gives us the framework needed to provide exceptional expertise in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Our engineers have testified in over 100 cases, have testified in court over 30 times, have been retained in over 40 intellectual property cases, have testified in front of the international trade commission, have testified in front of the federal trade commission and have assisted in several IPRs.

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