Burgess Aviation Consultants

Burgess Aviation Consultants

R.P. ``Pete`` Burgess

12533 Avondale Ridge Drive Dallas/Forth Worth, TX 76179

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Specializes in the analysis of FAA and contract Air Traffic Control service; application of procedures in ARTCCs, ATCTs, TRACONs, AFSS`s; and Flight Path Reconstruction. Detailed transcript preparation.

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  • Aviation

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Mr. Burgess provides service as an Air Traffic Control Consultant for air traffic services, procedures and aircraft accident investigations. His areas of expertise include air traffic control, aviation, aircraft accident investigation & reconstruction, FAA air traffic control, FAA regulations, aircraft, aircraft operation, aircraft safety, airlines, airports, airport construction, airport operations, radar data and transportation.

Specialize in the analysis of FAA Air Traffic Control service and application of procedures in: Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC's), Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCT's), Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities (TRACON's).

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