Evidence Solutions Inc.

Evidence Solutions Inc.

Ric Leutwyler

PO Box 42047 Tucson, AZ 857332047

About the Expert

Our team of experts, with decades of experience, can help you discover data, analyze, present, and provide expertise for your company. We are here to help support you with information that you can use to answer questions, solve problems, and prove your cases. We make confusing information easy to understand. Our goal at ESI is to help our clients obtain, understand, and utilize all the data and information available to them. We can analyze cell phones, computers, hard drives, EDRs, reconstruct accidents, provide trucking standard of care consulting, recover digital data, and provide expert witness testimony in our many areas of expertise.

Areas of Expertise

Accident Reconstruction
Bus & Truck Safety / Accidents
Communications - Telecommunications
Corporate Governance
Evidence Solutions Expert Services
Photography / Video / Visual Evidence
Police Practices and Activities
Real Estate Standard of Care

Expert's Profile

Evidence Solutions' expert witnesses provide consulting in digital forensics, auto and truck accidents, accident reconstruction, EDR forensics, sports injury, police standards and policies, CMV standards, greek fraternity issues, product failure analysis, and medical record recover and analysis. No matter how complex with case, we can help you discover what happened and present it in a way that everyone can understand – Evidence In Plain English!

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