Colorado Care Consultants

Colorado Care Consultants

Yolanda Anderson, RN, BSN, CEN, CPEN, CLNC

12081 W. Alameda Pkwy Suite 251 Lakewood, CO 80228

About the Expert

Emergency Department RN for 30+ years. Knowledgeable about all aspects of Hospital Care and Standards of Care for Physicians, Nurses and ancillary personnel. Clinically active in emergency Department care for 30+ years for infants, pediatrics, adults and geriatrics; Trauma, Cardiac, Neurology, Surgical, EMTALA and general Emergency Care. Able to review charts for merit, do chronologies, research medical care, document Independent Medical Exams, and more. Experienced in Depositions and Trials. Conscientious and detail-oriented.

Areas of Expertise

Education Certification - Training
Emergency Medicine / Trauma
Health / Public Health
Hospital Liability
Independent Medical Examiner
Legal Nurse Consultants / LNC
Managed Care Liability
Medical Legal Consultants
Medical Specialists
Skilled Nursing Facilities / Long Term Care

Expert's Profile

My cases - depositions - trials have included care related to strokes, cardiac, triage, pediatrics, meningitis, sepsis, sub arachnoid hemorrhage, abdominal aortic aneurysm, falls, motor vehicle or motorcycle accidents, wounds and bandaging, wrongful death, missed diagnosis, failure of RN to report to MD regarding patient condition, medication errors, EMTALA, nursing errors plus more, with more than 115 case reviews, more than 15 depositions and 2 trials - able to accommodate your needs.

Will review for Plaintiff or Defense and give a complete picture regarding the Standards of Care be it deviations or compliance.
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Personal Achievements


  • Bachelors in the Science of Nursing, Regis University

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