Medi-Legal Consultants, Inc.

Medi-Legal Consultants, Inc.

Laura Burchell-Henson

P.O. Box 1229 Lakeside, CA 92040

About the Expert

I have been licensed as a RN for 30 years. I have consulted on more than 1000 medical related cases. I have consulted on cases related to pressure ulcers, falls, over medication of sedatives, delay in treatment and delay in notification of a physician, to name a few. I have been deposed more than 145 times, I have testified at trial 25 times.

Areas of Expertise

Critical Care
Emergency Room
Fall Prevention
Fraudulent Documentation
Legal Nurse Consultants / LNC
Over Medication
Pressure Ulcers

Personal Achievements


  • Associate of Science in Nursing


  • Registered Nurse & Respiratory Therapist

Prior assignments

  • I have consulted on more than 1000 medical related cases since 1999.

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