On The Level Inspection Concepts Inc.

Douglas Dick

PO Box 418 Manzanita, OR 97130

About the Expert

Adopted Code work and governmental code work go hand in hand with case loads. Building Code Expert witness with over 250 cases completed. Insurance work, Governmental work and Contractor work. Work has included Insurance trip-fall cases, Electrical compliance, Building Code Fire Life Safety. Ability to research job files and correlate the conclusions per State Statutes and Administrative Rules is an area that this company excels at.

Areas of Expertise

  • Building Codes
  • Government

Expert's Profile

Have been involved in construction since 1974. Starting building houses right out of High School. Enjoyed this work, but knew there was more details of how building really work. Got involved in the Building inspection field in 1984. Obtain code certifications in all code areas at the time, building, electrical, fire, mechanical, plan review, and plumbing. Always thought should know other areas of the codes as they must work together to make the building work.

One thing that has always proven true, the more you learn the more you realize how little you really know. So the quest of the code profession is very wide path to go down. So the Expert Witness work for Building Codes seemed a natural fit to my abilities. I am very proud of all the home owners and General Contractors I have helped in legal matters with the codes.

Personal Achievements


  • Current Member if the International Code Council's Professional Development Education Committee, Adjunct Professor for 10 years at Chemeketa College in Salem, OR. International Code Council Preferred Educational Provider with 5 code classes in program


  • Third Party Pre-Fab plan review and Inspectors Licenses in the State of Arizona, California, Nevada, Montana

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